15 Times the Universe Managed to Surprise Us to Bits

2 years ago

If you are fascinated by the secrets of the universe and want to take a trip to the cosmos, you have to break the piggy bank big time — the NASA spacesuit is reported to cost about $500 million. But don’t call Elon Musk just yet. The crazy thing is, you don’t need to leave Earth to experience some wonder. Life is wild enough, and the universe will throw you the most unexpected curveballs here, on our favorite planet.

Bright Side wants to show you 15 pictures that remind us we have front row tickets to the greatest and most unexpected show ever, called life.

1. “My family friend is a Persian replica of Jeff Goldblum. They finally met.”

2. “This apple with 2 stems that I bought”

3. “I found this tiny feather from my bird.”

4. “The stew drops made a funny shape of a guitar.”

5. “A giant strawberry I found”

6. “The spirals in this watermelon”

7. “Drained a machine with melted plastic at work and it made this weird sculpture.”

8. “I’m at a townie bar, and they have a headrest at the urinals in the men’s room.”

9. “Someone put googly eyes in the side of this mountain I was at today.”

10. “Iron in the sand got pulled into my phone case.”

11. “Sunflowers bloom through adversity.”

12. “A pineberry is a white strawberry variety with red seeds and a pineapple-like flavor.”

13. “Me with this uprooted tree, I’m 6’2”."

14. “The biggest foosball table I’ve ever seen”

15. “Today, I found a smiling potato.”

What was the most unexpected thing you saw this week? Drop us a comment.

Preview photo credit arsf1357 / Reddit


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