15+ Times When a Manicure Became More Than a Beauty Ritual

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Taking care of our hands and nails is part of our beauty routine; however, a manicure can also become an important way to unleash our creativity. Some people draw exotic and colorful patterns on their nails, while others prefer natural beauty. Regardless of style preference, everyone has a story to tell through their manicure.

1. “Sea creatures for my dad”

2. “I’m 16 and asked my mom to paint my nails, but she refused and said that it’s not right for a boy to do it.”

“So I painted my nails for the first time by myself and after hours of hard work and redoing it, it finally came out like this.”

3. “I’ve been poorly, so to cheer myself up, I painted rainbow confetti nails!”

4. “I am no professional, but I like to do my granny’s nails when I visit her. Today she decided she wanted them lilac.”

5. “Nails by me, a beginner”

6. “Butterfly nails done by me”

7. “First time doing a design on myself. I’m almost 30 years old. Am I too old for a design like this?”

8. “I made myself a mini manicure table/area in my bathroom! Also, my 1st manicure at my new table.”

9. “Made this one for lols”

10. “Finally had the courage to get gels for the first time, and I couldn’t be happier”

11. “My nails may not be as cool as some of yours, but they make me feel like a mermaid.”

12. “I have imperfect hands, fingers, and nails. I’ve never been able to have my nails done till I found nail strips. I feel nail gorgeous now.”

13. “Made my sister’s nails today — it was challenging, but I did it.”

14. “My nails match this beetle.”

15. “I bit my nails for over 30 years, stopped about 2 months ago and today got my first manicure”

16. “I think I did a cute mani.”

17. “Not too bad for being 2 and doing it all by yourself!”

18. “Slowly getting better”

What are your stories about your nails or your nail salon appointments?

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