15 Times When Genetics Just Left Us Speechless

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Sometimes, our DNA behaves unexplainably — it’s no wonder scientists don’t know what some parts of our genes do. This unexpected behavior never stops surprising us. The heroes of our article have experienced these DNA surprises and proved that nature knows no such thing as “ordinary.”

We at Bright Side are amazed by every single hero of this article, and we want to share them with our readers.

1. “So I have no nose cartilage.”

2. “I was born with a scar on my eye.”

3. “My friend was born with this.”

4. “I have only met 1 other person who can do this to both lips, can you?”

5. “My fingers all look like this.”

6. “My daughter has got an adult tooth poking out behind her baby teeth.”

7. “I can’t flex my thumb without my index finger flexing too. About 1 in 5 people are like me.”

8. “My daughter and me when we were both in the sixth grade”

9. “I was born without a little finger on my right hand.”

10. “My friend has a weird birthmark.”

11. “I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb.”

12. “Her birthmark created awesome highlights.”

13. “My hands are super speckled this year, last summer I had completely white hands. I’m interested to see what happens next year.”

14. “This is my right hand. Was born like this.”

15. “Son (left) and daughter born 17 months apart”

What was the most interesting time someone’s genetics left you astounded?

Preview photo credit Pulp_Ficti0n / Reddit


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