15 Tricks That Can Kill Your Cooking Problems Like Water on a Fire

4 years ago

You can make cooking a lot easier if you know how to think outside of the box. If you are sick of crying while cutting onions or your food sticking to the pot, there’s a hack for that. There are tons of tips you can use in the kitchen to spice up any dish or just take the stress out of the culinary arts.

We at Bright Side love cooking almost as much as eating so we’re sharing tips in the kitchen to help you win at mealtime.

1. Keep bread in your teeth while cutting onions, it will absorb the vapors and stop you from crying.

2. When eggshell pieces get stuck in the yolk, use the remaining shells to fish it out.

3. Use cups to make your own cupcake holders...and customize them too!

4. Immerse fruit in ice water for 5 minutes to make them easier to peel.

5. An open drawer is the perfect free space for a cutting board.

6. To prevent crumbs when chopping up eggs, run the knife under cold water.

7. Old water bottles can be converted into the perfect cookie cutters — they can also shape donuts!

8. Add some water to smooth out your eggs, sunny side up.

9. Toast your spices on low heat to enhance the flavor of their natural oils.

10. Keep on the lid when making rice since the steam helps cook it.

11. Measure ingredients by weight, not volume, when baking.

12. Never keep tomatoes or citrus fruits in the fridge as the cold depletes the flavor and aroma.

13. To check for freshness, place eggs in water. Keep the ones that sink, not the ones that float.

14. Coat your measuring cup with egg to prevent molasses or honey from sticking.

15. Salt can bring out the sweetness of any sour fruit dish, whether it’s a grapefruit souffle or blueberry jam.

What are some other cooking tips you like to use in the kitchen? Please share them with us in the comments!


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