15+ Users Shared the Craziest Demands From Their Clients

4 years ago

Working in customer service is a serious matter, and whoever has worked as a waiter, a barista, or a store assistant knows this perfectly. There are some encounters with polite clients who have their feet firmly on the ground, but other clientele seems to see the world upside down and make crazy requests. This was brought up by a Twitter user who started a thread where people shared their most unusual customer service demands.

Bright Side would like to show you a list of the incidents with these frustrated clients and their strange requests.

1. The post that asked the question

2. The one who didn’t believe in the laws of physics

3. I deserve a free pie.

4. At least pay for the taxi.

5. I want hot iced coffee!

6. The girl just wanted some waves.

7. Wrong person

8. I don’t like that column.

9. I want that movie.

10. I changed my mind.

11. I want all the birds to fly together.

12. Laziness taken to the extreme

13. He was the expert, not the owner

14. Shouldn’t there be a door here?

15. Someone needs to explain to him how things work.

16. Outrage at the supermarket

17. He could have gone to the store, but he chose to give them a call.

18. Where can I find it?

19. They don’t pay me enough for this.

Have you ever come across a client with a request that was completely out of the ordinary? Or have you maybe behaved like one? Tell us your side of the story in the comments!

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Once we (a group of 7 friends) went to a nearby McDonald's for an evening hangout. While we were looking at the menu to choose our order, one of my friends stormed to the desk in fury that they don't serve curd rice! He argued with them for 5 minutes that a restaurant should serve its customers based on what they need.


I mean if the people at number 4 were tourist and the museum didn't notify that they are closed on their website (where most tourist will check) then I can kinda understand the demand..


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