16 Adults That Refuse to Be Even Remotely Serious

3 years ago

We all know that laughter makes our lives longer. There are some people that radiate positive emotions. When you’re near them, you start to smile and your mood improves, even on the saddest days. These people are able to see a silver lining in any situation.

We at Bright Side decided to find these happy people online and improve your mood while you’re drinking your tea or going to work.

1. Chopping onions is a very dangerous sport.

2. “I put a kippah on my cat and I never laughed harder in my life.”

3. “My girlfriend made a chicken pot pie for dinner...”

4. “Dad called my sister and me downstairs saying, ’Dinner is on the table.’”

“My sister saw this and cried because he had apparently taken dad jokes too far.”

5. “Here’s another one of our favorite things to do, enjoy!”

6. “I put googly eyes on my VR glasses and let my grandparents try them out”

7. “If there’s a single line of footprints in the snow I like to walk on the opposite step to make it look like one person was hopping”

8. “Bank teller asked me to take the mask off. She just laughed...”

9. “My daughter had to draw the wings and feet of the dragon as homework.”

10. “Sir, I’m pretty sure this is just a domestic flight.”

11. “My father took the time to do this to my mother, ladies and gentlemen.”

12. “My friend had a newborn photoshoot with her dissertation.”

13. “My mom, sister, and I have a group text for glamour shots. Mom sent us a collage. We’re pretty people.”

14. “I got a 3D printer for Christmas. My friend had a simple request.”

15. “Dad bought mom a new mask.”

16. “Christmas breakfast just got a whole lot more funny this year!!!”

Have you ever been in situations when you asked someone to be more serious and they did something like the guys from this article?

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7 makes me smile :D something I could see myself do too... life is sometimes too serious so I think it's great to do these silly things :D


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