16 Animals Who Face More Adventure in Their Lives Than Indiana Jones

4 years ago

While cats find the most inconvenient places to take a break and a quick nap, dogs often get caught in less-than-ideal situations. Our pets somehow end up where we least expect them to. They tend to reach extraordinary levels of excitement in their lives, leaving us in a daze.

Bright Side has a collection of images for you that show how pets’ lives can turn from ordinary to exciting, transforming into a thrilling script.

1. “He came home after a fight with Spider-Man.”

2. “Took the dogs on an adventure. Pablo couldn’t contain his excitement!”

3. No idea how he managed to get up there...

4. “I made this and my little guy decided to immortalize his paw prints in it!”

5. “He would’ve gotten away with it...”

6. “The neighbor’s dog sitting on her buddy in full bean bag style”

7. “That’s not for you, lady.”

8. “The orange army is advancing.”

9. Can’t imagine its owner’s face after seeing this mess...

10. “This squirrel was literally trying to open the door.”

11. “My cat saw me hiding hair ties in the drawer so he figured out how to open it.”

12. “My cat, Percy, intimidating the postman”

13. “He must check out the perimeter first.”

14. “He doesn’t like water but with the help of a tree log, everything is possible.”

15. “My aunt’s kitty disappeared for 2 hours. This is where she was hiding...”

16. “Their way of telling us they want to come out and play too”

Which pic did you find most surprising? Do you have an image from your pet’s adventure that you’d like to share with all of us?

Preview photo credit Viktor61 / reddit


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The 2nd last pic surprised me HOW IN THE WORLD DID THAT CAT GET IN THERE-

And the rest-








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