16 Aww-Some Photos That Prove Cats Are Living Masterpieces

5 years ago

What is the cat power that makes our hearts melt? We bet you can’t resist it! If you still think you can, have a look at a Picasso cat and other fluffy pets that were created for love and admiration only.

Bright Side has collected some cat photos that turned out to be meowsome masterpieces.

“Kitty found comfort on this statue’s lap.”

When a cat finds out it’s really tasty:

“Our cat is a Picasso cat.”

“This is why I never leap on to the bed without checking first.”

“Found my cat in this pose.”

“A section of my fish tank broke yesterday, causing a corner of my house to be lit up by rainbow colors. My cat Bailey decided to sit in that corner and became a rainbow cat.”

“Went shopping for a lamp, found these pillows.”

“I’m a hunting rug!”

“Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack.”

“My cat created a masterpiece. I framed it.”

The way this cat turns an ordinary picture into a masterpiece:

“The castle siege was defeated, but at great cost...”

Another rainbow cat

It’s stretching time!

Cats become famous because they have paws and bellies. People aren’t that lucky.

When you’re so good, nothing can ruin your image:

Bonus: How to attract a cat

Cats have so many different superpowers: they can turn into a liquid, fit into tiny boxes, sleep in weird poses, and of course, conquer our hearts. Do you agree?


why bright side always post about cat dog animals. i know they are cute. but please post something more bright side

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