15 Times Customers Created the Oddest Situations, Putting Everyone’s Patience to the Test

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It’s a known fact that working in customer service is not easy. Not only do they need to be patient and have stamina but they also need a good sense of humor, especially when people are asking for their money back for a product they’ve already eaten or when they ask for a pizza without the dough. There was also an instance where someone told their doctor that their pancreas didn’t exist.

  • I have never heard anything like this. When I asked my client how she cleans her face, she answered, “I have fat skin, but your cosmetics don’t help, that’s why I wash my face with dishwashing liquid.” © Mu_ryska / Twitter
  • Last summer, I was working in a big brand chain store. Once a man came in, he put a fruit-dryer on the checkout counter and left without saying a word. He returned after 3 days and said, “Why didn’t you refund my money?”
    Turns out, he ordered the drier online and didn’t like how it looked, he called the hotline, and he was told that he could return the goods to any of our stores. So he came to our store without the receipt, without saying anything — he simply left the item and was waiting for his money back for 3 days. © koeni9se99 / Pikabu
  • I am a cosmetologist. One of my clients who comes to me for depilation procedures always takes home wax strips with her hair on them to show her husband what sacrifices she makes for him. © Overheard / Ideer
  • My patient said that I made up the organ called a “gallbladder” to get her into the hospital. When asked where bile comes from, she replied that it was from her appendix, which she had removed, so nothing in her stomach could hurt anymore. And the pain she feels in the right hypochondrium is because of her heart. © mopey_girl / Twitter
  • I was once asked, “How much is this $5 box?” I said, “$10,” to which they quickly replied, “But it says $5.” © TILTNSTACK / Reddit
  • My mom has an accounting company. Once, she got a client whose former accountant messed something up with the docs and there were a lot of things to be fixed urgently. And the client said, “I have already paid the former accountant. Do I now have to pay you too?” © taccraftfox / Pikabu
  • I work in retail. One person I was helping was taking a long time choosing products, then she came to the check-out zone, dropped some coins on the floor, bent to pick them up, and we all heard a loud “fart.” It was so strong that the paint from the walls almost started to come off. Afterward, she gets up and yells at me, “The client is always right!” then turns around and disappears, leaving the products in the check-out zone. I could hardly hold back my laughter. © Overheard / Ideer
  • A client placed an order for making custom souvenirs. The artist agreed on the type of souvenirs, their size, and their amount. The size was indicated in mm. The word millimeters was everywhere — this is important!
    The client gets the order and starts to yell about why the size is different. He thought (!) that the size was in centimeters. He called the artist a fraudster and many other bad names. The artist opened their chat and politely explained that all the sizes are indicated in mm and that no one had cheated the client.
    Do you think the client apologized? No, he kept on yelling, saying he was cheated and left negative feedback. It’s unlikely that he will ever believe that it was he who misunderstood the situation and was mistaken. © Marsianka1 / Pikabu
  • Working at a fast-food restaurant, a customer asked for a cheeseburger with no cheese and got incredibly aggressive when we gave him a hamburger. We even tried to explain to him that what he ordered was a hamburger, but he still went crazy. Threatened to see me after work. He never showed up. © MDK_DWR_85 / Reddit
  • I once saw a lady in front of me picking at and eating a roast chicken until she got to the counter. I heard her say she wanted a refund (for the half-eaten chicken) because it was “too salty.” © sesamesnapsinhalf / Reddit
  • I keep encountering the same situation:
    Me: Do you have your account number so that I can find your information?
    Client: Yes
    Long period of silence
    Client: Do you need it? © DJ_So_And_So / Reddit
  • I work in a pizzeria. One client calls me and orders a pizza without dough. She says she likes all the ingredients without dough. The manager first appreciated the joke, but when she said she was not joking and started to insist, we were all perplexed. Eventually, she said we had very bad service. © Overheard / Ideer
  • I said to a client, “You cannot stop the deposit before the expiration date.” He says to me, “But the projects we were doing in college were saying it’s possible.” I looked at him, he looks at me. And I say, “Unfortunately, life differs from university projects.” © amai_vy / Twitter
  • One customer convinced my boss to open up on Christmas Eve one year, so they could do some last-minute shopping. Of course, it fell on me to help. The customer came in, spent 2 hours browsing, bought one of the cheapest items in the store, and then had the absolute nerve to say as they were leaving, “I can’t believe they make you work on Christmas.” © sandiercy / Reddit
  • One old man was super condescending and didn’t trust me to count his change back properly because “I’m a woman” and then said the only thing I’m good for at work is standing around being pretty. © georgia080 / Reddit

Have you ever come across people like this, and had to calm yourself down after dealing with them? What’s the story?

Please note: This article was updated in February 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Anna Tarazevich / Pexels


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