16 Coincidences That Could Happen Only Once in a Lifetime

2 years ago

So, you walk down the aisle at the supermarket and find a product with a face that looks a little bit too familiar. Or you look up the sky and see a cloud that looks like it’s about to take off. Occurrences like these are nothing more than happy and unexpected coincidences. And they do happen more often than we think, so why not keep a memento of them?

Bright Side dug deep into the Internet and found 16 uncanny coincidences you have to see in order to believe.

1. People at the party thought we ’looked like Twilight.’"

2. “My friend found himself on a bag of chips.”

3. “This broken rock that looks a little bit like an avocado”

4. “This damselfly has the same color pattern as my swim shorts.”

5. “This water bottle created the mountain that advertises it.”

6. “I was at this football game at Arkansas State University, and are these not the same person? The world glitched.”

7. “A group of black cats out in the wild”

8. “The sign says, ’Beware of the falling rocks.’”

9. “I saw a lenticular cloud over a cumulus cloud that made it look like a helicopter.”

10. “He got the perfect gift.”

11. “A glitch in the matrix, Oxford, UK”

12. “The way this sky at sunset is split in half”

13. “This cheese blends in with my countertops.”

14. “This moth picked the perfect urban camouflage.”

15. “Took this picture going 70 mph and everything in the rearview mirror matches the landscape of the foreground.”

16. “My nails match my gum.”

What is the weirdest coincidence that you’ve ever stumbled upon or read about? You can share all your experiences and photos with us.


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