14 Pics That Prove Some Designers Need to Go on Vacation

year ago

When we see an item that has an extremely unique design, it makes us do a double take. These items may have poor ergonomics, confusing controls, insufficient safety features, or other issues. The people below shared items that left them feeling confused and bewildered. These products allow us to appreciate the value of good designs in our everyday lives.

1. “Who designed this mouse? I tried it and it’s as uncomfortable as it looks.”

2. “The handle of this pan is heavier than the pan itself, making it fall over immediately.”

3. “This bunny chair I saw while window-shopping”

4. “Found this at Walmart today...”

5. “So I almost DIED at school today (not a water bottle).”

6. “Either the pipe or someone’s inexperience with tiles created a snake toilet.”

7. “They almost had something here but now I just laugh when I see them...”

8. “This cafe is supposed to be called ‘Bunch of Grapes’ and I saw this unreadable logo.”

9. “Just feel bad about this one, good intentions gone wrong.”

10. “Merry Christmas and have Great Gentleman.”

11. “FaceBowl”

12. “Striped carpet on hotel stairs — they’re hard to use, even after 2 weeks.”

13. “’Click here’ in the newspaper”

14. “Practical bathroom”


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Gotta love a mad designer
. how they sell their products is another story though.


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