16 Game of Thrones Actors You Wouldn’t Recognize Without Makeup

5 years ago

The Game of Thrones TV series has received 38 Emmy Awards and they have become the most expensive TV project in the genre of fantasy. Game of Thrones has become so popular that people have even started naming their babies after the characters of the show. And so many young actors have become famous thanks to their parts in this TV series. But some of them had to work with layers and layers of makeup on their faces.

At Bright Side, we decided to compare the looks of 16 characters of the show with the real life looks of the actors performing them. The difference is really drastic, see for yourself.

Shireen Baratheon — Kerry Ingram

The Night King — Richard Brake

Leaf — Kae Alexander

Osha — Natalia Tena

Septa Unella — Hannah Waddingham

Wun Wun — Ian Whyte

Sandor ’The Hound’ Clegane — Rory McCann

Gregor Clegane — Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Yara Greyjoy — Gemma Whelan

Beric Dondarrion — Richard Dormer

Benjen Stark — Joseph Mawle

Khal Drogo — Jason Momoa

Mance Rayder — Ciarán Hinds

Brienne of Tarth — Gwendoline Christie

Styr — Yuri Kolokolnikov

White Walker — Ross Mullan

Sometimes the makeup on a character can make the face of a real actor or actress unrecognizable. Don’t you think so? Tell us in the comment section below.


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