16 People Share the Crazy Consequences of Low Temperatures and Heavy Snow

2 years ago

The lowest temperature ever recorded was a staggering −128.6°F (-89.2°C) in July of 1983 in Antarctica. Maybe these degrees can’t be reached inside cities and highly populated areas, but it can get pretty freezing there too. It looks that even something close to −4°F (-20°C) can make life difficult to the point where even your dog might refuse to go out for a walk with you.

Bright Side is always amazed by how nature and its elements impact our lives, and these 16 pictures will do a good job at amazing you.

1. “Went running in Winnipeg today.”

2. “Ice coming out of this hole in a hand railing”

3. A second door made of snow

4. “The way this bottle of water froze overnight in my van”

5. “Heavy snow overnight gave rise to a peculiar sight.”

6. “I can confirm, it’s snowing out.”

7. “Had an ice storm in Nova Scotia last night.”

8. “This frozen road in Lithuania looks like a river.”

9. “When wind meets freezing rain”

10. “I walked behind a frozen waterfall.”

11. “Ice near the shore of a frozen lake”

12. “Lichen frozen in time from the Texas ice storm”

13. “The icicle has detached from the roof and is now freestanding.”

14. “Paw prints on a frozen creek after some snow that melted and then refroze”

15. “Ice towers that have formed under these vents at my apartment”

16. This water froze on its way out.

What has been the lowest temperature you’ve ever experienced? How did you combat the cold?


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