16 People Who Know Too All Well What a Fiasco Is All About

2 years ago

We all make mistakes. Sometimes awkward failures can upset us and spoil our mood and not everyone is capable of seeing something funny in spoiled kitchen equipment or shameful situations with strangers. Still, there are people who don’t feel shy about telling the whole world about their fiasco.

We at Bright Side are sure that all issues are solvable if one can just manage to keep it up. It becomes especially easy for those who can laugh at themselves and there are many of these people in our compilation.

“Don’t ask me how this happened, I hate myself too.”

“I made coffee without a mug. Good morning!”

The garage door is locked and there is no other way to get into it:

“My brother bought his first house yesterday. He drove his car inside the garage with the only garage door opener in it, shut the door, and forgot that the keypad hadn’t been programmed yet. We spent over an hour breaking into his own garage.”

“I’m the only person in my entire office of 30 people who dressed up today and I’m in a full-body banana suit.”

“I spilled 50,000 2 mm glass beads on the ground and I now have to sort them by hand.”

“I write cookbooks and yesterday I forgot the baking powder and soda in my cake.”

“If you spill acetone on your table, make sure you clean it ALL up.”

Here is what happens to a TV set if a cake stand falls onto its screen:

“My wife and I inherited my grandma-in-law’s 65 inch TV (since she got a new one). A cake stand fell on the screen while we were hauling it in through the garage... My wife had been looking forward to this for a week.”

“I turned the wrong stove burner on and exploded my made-from-scratch pumpkin pie.”

Fear #561: Getting a hole in the seat of my jeans and not noticing it.

“If you think you’ve had an off day, I showed up to college with a giant rip in my jeans right on the butt, and didn’t realize until halfway through my SECOND class of that day when the boy sitting behind me hesitantly told me.”

Any student’s nightmare

“Play Station 5 gets delivered today and I just happened to break my thumb.”

“Table randomly decides to call it quits. Blew up while I was in another room.”

“My neighbor spent all day Friday washing his car. Here’s the car today (Sunday).”

“First 45 seconds into this ski season and this happens.”

“Didn’t realize one of my glove fingers broke until I was done dyeing my hair.”

What funny failures have happened to you?

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My friend/work colleague went on a fortnight's holiday skiing, she fell getting off the plane when it landed ready to start the holiday.... she broke her femur and was in a full leg cast for the rest of her holiday!!
the coffee without a mug reminded me of a silly thing I did two days ago.. for my morning omelette I crack eggs into a bowl and whisk them and then throw away shells into the thrash bin
Well I cracked the egg in the trash can and threw the shells into the bowl xD

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