16 People Who Used the Art of Tattoos to Cover Up Their Scars

year ago

The main reason people choose to get any tattoo is that they like how it looks on them. In the case where a person has a scar that reminds them of something unpleasant, they have an extra reason to hide it. Something to keep in mind is that scar tattoos are generally more painful than regular tattoos since the needle paints over scar tissue. And while there are serious considerations you should think about, there are some people who get over their fear and trust their tattoo artists.

1. “This is the final touch of my scar cover-up.”

2. “My second scar-based tattoo”

3. “Not saying it didn’t hurt but my pain tolerance is up there, and the design is because that’s what’s inside my neck.”

4. “An addition to my scar”

5. “Tattoo scar cover-up”

6. “Covered up a tummy tuck scar. I lost a lot of weight and my skin just never bounced back no matter what I did.”

7. “A skin slip over my favorite scar (dog bite)”

8. “I love this. I too have some pretty gnarly surgical scars on my arms. I never even considered something like this. Now I’m bursting with inspiration.”

9. “A diamond to cover up a burn scar”

10. “Using my scar as a branch for a bat.”

11. “My before and after”

12. “Safety pin (over my surgery scar)”

13. “The tattoo shop said to wait at least 2 years after the surgery to make sure it’s completely healed.”

14. “Covering up my scar tissue with a 3-eyed horned owl”

15. “Axe tattoo over an axe scar on my foot”

16. “My scar ends right at the hairline! I got the spider below it to imply that it just finished stitching me up and is descending from its web.”

Do you have any tattoos, and if so, what type of design do you like the most? Did you ever have to cover up a scar, or did you choose your ink for aesthetic reasons?


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