16 People Who Wish They Had a Big Restart Button to Push

10 months ago

A famous quote says, “Sometimes, you’re the one who strikes it lucky. Sometimes, the other poor person is left with the short straw, and you have to shut up and get on with it.” As sad as this is, it is the harsh truth that many people experience daily. And for most of these cases, they might be quite unpleasant but easily dealt with after the initial shock has passed.

1. “My sunburn a few years ago. If you look in the low-center area, you can see that I was actually burned THROUGH my sports bra.”

2. “I accidentally left my laptop bag on my car roof, and drove off with it still on top.”

3. “My coworker put straight printer ink in one of my gloves. This will take a week or 2 minimum to come off.”

4. “My coworker left his phone under the industrial paper cutter.”

5. “I asked for it well done.’”

6. “I absolutely hate it when people do this.”

7. “My beard and my drill got into a fight at work. Beard: 0, Drill: 1”

8. “What could go wrong with wearing flip-flops to the airport?”

9. “Opened the door to my Bluebird nesting box to check on the growth of the baby birds and found this snake inside. All the birds were eaten.”

10. “A generous tip for someone working at a restaurant.”

11. “Mormon crickets at my local hospital.”

12. “The one time the toner burst at work while switching it out. You can see where I was at that exact moment.”

13. “So I think I have a rat problem... These guys fell out of the shorts I was about to put on.”

14. “The tire blew out on the way to work. Not a problem, I’ve got a spare. Nope. The spare gave out too.”

“A few minutes later, I saw it fly away in the back mirror. It surprisingly still works.”

15. “This annoyed me slightly.”

16. “Sunburns? I fell asleep by the pool a few summers ago.”

A lot of people experience unlucky moments in their lives. From discovering that you are allergic to something new, to having an awful restaurant experience to even burning your laptop with a candle, life can sometimes be unpleasant.


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