20 People Who Can Write a Book on Being Unlucky

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The best way to learn is to learn from other people’s mistakes. And it’s also a good way to put yourself into others’ shoes and enhance your empathy. It will make you more alert and aware and trust your instincts when making decisions so nothing bad ever happens.

1. “My favorite wedding photo — I got a bubble in my eye while we were leaving.”

2. “Guess who’s severely allergic to hair dye? This girl!”

3. “This picture is worth 5 words: don’t step on the drywall.”

4. “My roof caved in last night.”

5. “A small crash revealed just how much makeup she had on.”

6. “He saw a squirrel. Dragged me through the mud.”

7. “Home alone, cleaning the roof and gutters when I heard a loud bang...”

8. “Someone left their bike under the wrong tree.”

9. “-25° outside. Heavy grocery bag. No gloves. Long chat with an old friend in a parking lot. Gravity.”

10. “My cat couldn’t get to his litter box because the toilet door was closed at night, so he spilled the litter bag himself and pooped on it...”

11. “Paid extra for a window seat. Got the one seat on the plane with a wall.”

12. “Do you guys know toner dust from a printer? It feels like liquid if you put enough of it in a zip bag.”

“Well, I would recommend using something else.”

13. “My stress ball burst on me.”

14. “Happy Thanksgiving!”

15. “Had to finish my head and face with the leftover mini razor.”

16. “Bought a book on Amazon, and this is what I found in my mailbox when I got home.”

17. “ATM shut down with my card in it.”

18. “Had to give my daughter a bit of a haircut today.”

19. “So much for saving time with a round brush today.”

20. “Betty is an indoor cat. She was outside for 10 minutes.”

When was the last time the universe “taught” you a lesson? What’s the best one you’ve ever learned from others?

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Sorry to say #16 but if you ordered parcels for when you were in they wouldn't half be sticking out your letterbox and get snowed on. Too many ppl order knowing they wunt be in.


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