16 People Whose Decisions Weren’t Planned Carefully

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If you think about all the different people that live close to you, it’s easy to understand how not everyone is alike. To be more accurate, people think in completely different ways than you, and that often shows in their creations and tricks. But it’s not only things they want to make or do, but also mistakes they make due to a lack of good planning. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of 16 such creations that will please your eyes.

1. “This is just terrifying.”

2. “When you really want a boat with a tower but your bank account says otherwise”

3. “Why does Pikachu seem to be enjoying it so much?”

4. Wow, they must be really proud of that 3st medal.

5. “Could you pass me your earrings/earplugs?”

6. “A hotel room light switch hidden behind pillows, so you wake up everyone is alike in the middle of the night”

7. “At least it’s padded?”

8. “Tie dye socks that look like someone used them as toilet paper”

9. “This is supposed to be Moon Knight.”

10. “A loft bed for visitors you don’t like”

11. “Saw this on my college campus today.”

12. “The vent in my hotel shower doesn’t seem to be working.”

13. “Spotted in San Diego”

14. “Canadian tuxedo couch”

15. “It looks good from my house.”

16. “Saw this while walking home.”

Which one of the creations shown above amazed and surprised you the most? Would you ever make or purchase any of these designs?

Preview photo credit 4chanAD / Reddit


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