16 Photos of Everyday Things From Curious Angles

2 years ago

Sometimes, we might think that just because something is common, there can’t be anything interesting about it. But if you accept the challenge of taking a closer look at ordinary things and changing your perspective, you can be mesmerized by what you will find and wonder how you never noticed things that were right in front of your eyes.

To show that ordinary things can also be beautiful and exciting, Bright Side prepared these images that are going to make you perceive life differently.

1. “These wrinkles on my finger after I removed a Band-Aid”

2. “This drop of salt water recrystallized overnight.”

3. “I found this ’Among Us’ rock while on vacation in Denmark.”

4. “A quarter that I found underneath the agitator in my washing machine while cleaning it out. Been rubbed smooth after many wash cycles.”

5. “This frozen spider web on my car mirror”

6. “Green lines on my notebook under a microscope”

7. “This gym inside an old theatre”

8. “This perfect snowflake that fell on my boot”

9. “The ice on this sidewalk looks like those old carpets that had intricate floral designs.”

10. “This isolated rainstorm on a sunny day that I captured”

11. “I found a broken penny at work today.”

12. “A British-style phone booth in Kissimmee, Florida”

13. “These bubbles in the shape of the spoon”

14. “The other side of a fast-food soda fountain”

15. “Taco Tuesday”

16. “One of my Twix pieces was not dipped in chocolate.”

Have you ever come across a situation really similar to the ones portrayed in this article? How was your experience? We would love to read about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit FlyHater/reddit


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