16 Photos Where One Final Touch Changed the Whole Storyline

3 years ago

The web is full of ordinary and insignificant photos, but there are people whose imagination and Photoshop skill can transform these photos drastically. Thanks to them, the photos get a new life with the help of just a couple of tweaks. For example, drawing 2 eyes above a cat’s tail can transform it into a mammoth. Or replacing a motorcyclist’s bike with a cheetah can show us a new type of sport.

Bright Side collected 16 funny photos where the storyline was changed with just a couple of minor tweaks.

16. The statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Funchal airport opened a whole new world to Photoshoppers’ fantasies.

15. If you didn’t ’nail it’ Photoshop can help.

Sid Frisjes, a food blogger from Belgium, travels around the world making ’irregular’ photos with regular tourist attractions. While visiting Paris he captured a ’touching the top" of the Eiffel tower photo and posted it on social media. After that, someone sent a Photoshop request asking to make his fingers and the top of the Eiffel tower meet.

14. A cat turned into a mammoth

13. Do you also recognize this movie?

12. If you played it at least once, you’ll understand.

11. Stick a paper Spiderman to a spiderweb and it’ll look like a scene from the movie.

10. A building is transforming... into an elegant dress.

9. The snake is about to bite.

8. Shaolin cat sweeper

7. Fog has covered the downtown of Minneapolis.

6. Races on cheetahs

5. It’s not only fire that dragons spew out.

4. Draw lines on all the seams of your sneakers with a marker and they will look like they’ve been drawn on you.

3. This sea foam looks like a stage.

2. The escape was successful.

1. Brave gladiator

Which of these pictures made you laugh the most? Are you also a Photoshop guru? Please share your masterpieces in the comments!

Preview photo credit Stifler Mendes, Stifler Mendes


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