Remembering Her Majesty Through 19 Images That Illustrate Queen Elizabeth’s Love of Animals

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A love of animals has run in the royal family for generations — from Queen Elizabeth’s parents to her great-grandchildren — everyone seems to be enchanted by their furry friends. Over the years, the royal family has owned a number of pet dogs and horses, and the Queen is famous for her lifelong love of Corgis, so much so that the breed has been closely associated with the royal family.

Bright Side is taking you down memory lane through a collection of heartwarming pictures that show the strong bond between the late Queen Elizabeth II and her precious pets.

The Queen became a dog lover in early childhood.

Queen Elizabeth II inherited a love for dogs from her father who brought home the first family dog in 1933.

She was especially fond of corgis.

But she owned other breeds as well, such as cocker spaniels.

A corgi named Susan was the first dog to live in Buckingham Palace.

The Queen was so attached to the dog that she smuggled it on her honeymoon.

It is said that the Duke of Edinburgh was not too delighted by the corgies, claiming they were ’’too yappy.’’

But that didn’t prevent the Queen from enjoying her pets.

The furry friends live in a special room in Buckingham Palace.

And the queen even took them to important meetings with her.

The monarch owned over 30 dogs during her reign.

Royal fans were delighted every time they saw the Queen taking them for a walk.

Prince William once said the dogs were the secret to keeping his grandma happy.

Earlier this year, the Queen welcomed the most recent addition to the royal dog family, a 4-year-old cocker spaniel.

The dogs provided her comfort in difficult situations.

They made good times even more joyful.

She was also very fond of horses. Ahead of her 96th birthday, Her Majesty posed with 2 of her ponies, Bybeck Katie and Bybeck Nightingale.

If you own pets, then you know how much joy they can bring into our lives. What would you say is the best thing about having a pet?


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