16 Sad Animals Who Are Just Waiting for Your Cuddles

3 years ago

Pets are cute and they always try to bring joy to our lives. However, sometimes they can be very demanding and if their demands are not fulfilled or if they don’t like something we did, they know how to look at us with the perfect sad face that could make any heart melt. Luckily, to cheer them up, all you need to do is simply cuddle with them.

Bright Side made a compilation of 16 cute pets who will do anything to get their way, including faking the saddest face you could ever imagine.

1. Kitty makes this sad face whenever she wants me to put her inside the closet.

2. He makes this face every day when we get ready to go to bed. He wants us to play with him 24/7.

3. Duke got really sad after he accidentally knocked over a flower vase.

4. Hungry at 4 AM and everyone is sleeping...

5. My cat recently had a litter of kittens. I named this one Purrmanently Sad Cat.

6. When Cooper wants to play, but we are all busy watching TV:

7. You fixed the drippy bathroom faucet... Why? Why would you do this to me?

8. All my friends told me to try a box, but look at what my owner gave me — it’s a BOWL. I’m so sad.

9. He just watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

10. I get so confused by his expression... Is he sad or is he curious?

11. There’s a happy dog face in the folds of this sad dog’s forehead.

12. Real life ’Sad Sam’

13. Meet Millie, my adorably grumpy English Bully

14. I don’t want to just sit in the shade. Let’s play!!

15. My dachshund is sad that his arms will never be long enough to take an adequate selfie.

16. It’s only 10 in the morning, I want to sleep longer...

Which of them do you think looks the cutest when trying to look sad? Let us know in the comments. Also, share your pet’s photographs with us of when they try faking that cute, sad expression.


Nah, this is unacceptable, I take the responsibility of comforting all the pups, anyone else wanna deal with the cats?

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