16 Striking Examples of How the World Has Changed in the Last 100 Years

2 years ago

With the development of transportation, medicine, and the Internet, life 100 years ago seems more like it was on another planet. Our ancestors lived a simpler life deprived of all the digital appliances and comfort we’re used to now. Even something as trivial as boiling water was a whole different experience. However, it’s worth knowing that thanks to advances in science and development, we can enjoy all the modern luxuries that exist today.

Bright Side has gathered some pictures to show you how different the world is today compared to a century ago.

Finally, a day at the beach!

Still the most important dress in a woman’s wardrobe

“Hand me some of that coal, I’ll make tea.”

“I think we have everything you need, ma’am.”

You had to be strong to iron your clothes back then.

Finally, an explanation for all the hats at British weddings...

Toys vs computer games

When advertising was a newborn:

“You wanna pimp my ride?”

Next round, fellas...

17 vs 2 showerheads

Selfie time!

Someone, please bring sequins back!

— “Is Amanda there?”
— “Hi Virginia, this is a long-distance call!”

Laundry day

See you in Tokyo!

What item impressed you the most? Can you think of more things that have drastically changed over time? Was it a good or a bad change? Share it in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Whose granny still has this old iron, where you have to spray water yourself, because this iron doesn't have the sprayer?


I think that the progress in householding is one of the best, saved so much time, nerves and enegry for us :)


The first showerhead looks a bit like a torture tool to me, a bit scary...
So nice that it changed now :D


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