16 Times Mother Nature Reminded Us: You Don’t Have to Go Far to See Something Truly Surprising

4 years ago

If you ever get bored and have the feeling that your life has nothing more to surprise you with, just look around. Mother nature is very inventive, and it often hides its greatest creations in the most ordinary things. A red dragonfly, a seal-shaped potato, and a tomato that “stitched” itself back together — here’s what some internet users saw when they least expected it and they rushed to share their discoveries with the world.

Here at Bright Side we’ve picked 16 unusual things for you that nature showed to people, and here is our list.

1. “This close up shot of a dragonfly I took with my phone the other day.”

2. “My sweet potato looks like a sea lion.”

3. “My tomato got a cut while growing and stitched itself back together.”

4. “When my cat got spayed, the shaved area grew back chocolate colored.”

5. “A storm literally picked up and moved this road.”

6. “This bug mimics a leaf with veins, spots and bite marks.”

7. “The way my dog’s spots faded over 10 years”

8. “A melon that looks like it has alien crop circles”

9. “This very tiny frog I found by my pool today”

10. A lovely bird that has a bowl cut

11. “This apple is growing a second apple.”

12. “This tree swallowing a trespassing sign”

13. The petals of this flower didn’t separate.

14. “Found a heart shaped tomato at work yesterday.”

15. “Found a half pink, half white flower in my garden today.”

16. “My mom found a lemon, that’s shaped like a carrot, from our tree.”

Has nature shown you anything surprisingly unusual lately? What was it? Do you have a picture to share with us in the comments?

Preview photo credit cheese--girl / Reddit


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That tree looks really cool, so sick how it swallowed the sign ?


The dog from number 7 is a weirdo haha. How come he lost his spots?


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