16 Times People Created Designs to Make You Step Beyond Your Comfort Zone

year ago

Even the design of a coffee lid can be unusual and uncomfortable, especially if it’s made in the shape of lips. So each time you take a sip, it feels like you’re kissing someone. Such designs can take you out of your comfort zone and, at the same time, make you see the situation from a new perspective.

1. “Try to drink coffee from this cup.”

2. “I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art.”

3. “A bathroom stall in a D.C. bathroom”

4. “Chicken feet socks”

5. “A poor attempt at a quirky clock”

6. “Literally the most uncomfortable chair to ever exist, there are hundreds of jagged and pointy rocks.”

7. “Thou shalt use 24-point font.”

8. “It’s not even angled or anything to guide the drainage. It just dribbles onto the floor.”

9. Bananas will be saved.

10. “These shoes let me take the road with me.”

11. “Slenderman with a child crossing the road”

12. “Socks for squared feet”

13. “I found this beauty at my local college.”

14. “This cup lid pinched my straw so hard that I couldn’t get any soda through it.”

15. “This shirt that looks like it’s covered in coffee stains”

16. “These chairs in the Statue of Liberty café”

Which design is the most disturbing to you? Would you still buy a product if its design was nice but uncomfortable?


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