16 Times Somebody Needed a Good Hug and Got It

4 years ago

In 2015, Carnegie Mellon University conducted a study that involved 404 adults and it proved that simple hugging has a lot of positive effects on the body and the mind. These effects are visible in the 16 photos that you're about to see.

Hugs can be incredibly encouraging and we at Bright Side want to share these photos of some lucky people with our readers!

My little cousin met his new sister for the first time yesterday.

Baby squirrels are great huggers!

This dad didn't get a lot of hugs serving in the army. So he got one when he came home.

All babies love hugs!

There's no animal too small to appreciate a hug.

"Please don't cry!"

Tender furry creatures

Someone's definitely enjoying the hug...

"Somehow, our dog opened the upstairs screen door and ended up following our cat onto the roof. He required some consoling before coming back inside."

Australian ankle monitor

They just turned 17 y.o. together.

My sister's maternity pic:

When you don't make the cut for National Geographic auditions:

All kids need toys.

A seal admiring swim fins

This kid is living the dream:

Do you have any of your own "hugging" photos? Share your favorite ones in the comments below!

Preview photo credit RitaRudzinsky/reddit


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