16 True-to-Life Pictures That Only Brunettes Can Relate To

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2 years ago

Having dark hair is great. Brunettes are bright and spectacular girls, and not noticing them in a crowd can be very difficult. But sometimes dark hair can cause a lot of problems.

Bright Side has gathered the most annoying problems brunettes have to deal with to show you that you are not alone.

1. Brunettes have to choose between their face or their hair being visible in a picture. There’s no middle ground.

2. Sometimes you will mystically disappear from photos.

3. Your first gray hair will be visible to everybody.

4. Your hands scream, “I’ve dyed my hair!” but your hair looks the same.

5. “I’ve dyed my hair orange. Can’t you see?”

6. The bathroom is not the most pleasant sight after a coloring session.

7. After a vacation, you may find that some of your hair has changed color.

8. Brunettes have to fight extremely apparent hair almost everywhere.

9. And even if you’ve just shaved your legs, these black dots will always stay there.

10. A cool color will never look as good on your hair as it does on your blonde friends.

11. When you have to use dry shampoo, you’ll certainly look a good 30 years older.

12. In winter photos: “That’s not dandruff. It’s snow. I swear!”

13. You can spend an hour making yourself a braid. Unfortunately, nobody will be able to see it unless they come close to you.

14. Your roommates hate finding these surprises in the bathroom.

15. But if you decide to become a blonde, it may be even harder. And your roots will just drive you crazy.

That was relatable, wasn’t it? Have you got your own problems to share? We’d love to hear them!


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