16 Women Who Mustered Up Some Courage and Shared Their Most Ridiculous Beauty Fails

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A bad manicure or haircut can ruin our mood for a long time. And even though many of us prefer to share our problems exclusively with family and friends, there are some people who are courageous enough to share their beauty fails with the entire Internet.

At Bright Side, we found 16 women who felt courageous enough to share their beauty fails online, and many women can definitely relate to these stories.

1. “I decided to take the plunge and have my eyebrows microbladed. It was a mistake.”

2. “I think I’ll go back to bed.”

3. “The Internet shop sent me a box packed with packing paper for a small lip liner.”

“They had separated my order and sent my lipliner by itself. Both packages arrived at the same time.”

4. “What I showed my hair dresser vs what I got”

5. “My wife bought these pants from a thrift store before noticing the unfortunate stitching pattern on the back.”

6. “Of course, I should order this cute sports bra online. What’s the worst that could happen?”

7. “We eat a lot of curry, and, of course, we use our hands because it’s part of our culture. My nails always get stained after eating.”

8. “I haven’t gotten my nails done in over 2 years. I messed one up less than 1 minute after walking out of the salon.”

9. “5 months pregnant, I had to go out to buy some things, and couldn’t find my maternity pants. I had to improvise.”

10. “This dollar store nail polish didn’t come with a brush.”

11. “I broke my nail right before my first-ever natural nail gel appointment.”

12. “I’ve just realized this was cuticle cream after using it as a lip balm for multiple weeks.”

13. “I dyed everything except for my hair, including my tongue, nail beds, and corneas.”

14. “When your favorite pair of comfortable heels falls apart while you’re walking to work:”

15. “The hairdresser ruined my life.”

16. “All my bras look like this.”

What other beauty fails would you add to this list? Share your photos in the comments below.

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