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2 years ago

Trends change pretty fast. The day before yesterday it was bright contouring that was popular, yesterday it was neon eyeshadows, today it’s “makeup without makeup.” But sometimes makeup artists do things that we don’t even know how to react to.

We at Bright Side watched several fashion shows, scoured makeup artists’ blogs, and found cool makeup tricks that we can’t help but inform you about. The surprise at the end will show you a couple of hairstyles that came back to us from the past and that are popular again.

1. Chunky spider lashes

It has always been thought that made-up eyelashes should look close to natural, but lately, the world has been obsessed with “glued” eyelashes. Many cosmetics manufacturers have already embraced this trend and created mascara with a “chunky spider lashes” effect. The good thing is you can do them yourself too by uniting your wet lashes with tweezers.

2. Glitter

Thanks to the Euphoria series, unusual types of makeup with a lot of glitter are becoming popular nowadays. Today, they are not applied on the upper lid like it was done before but on the undereye area. By the way, this is a wonderful way to hide dark circles under the eyes. Glitter can be applied anywhere — for example, to the nose, brows, or temples. It’s impossible to overdo it.

3. Thread-like brows

The ’90s are back, and the most controversial trend, thin eyebrows, is returning too. Now is the time to put the brow pencils aside and go get the eyebrow tweezers from your drawers. However, it is worth remembering that thin eyebrows visually enhance the rest of the face. Also, it’s hard to say how long this trend will last. Moreover, those people who decided to follow trends in the ’90s and plucked out all their extra hairs, now know how much time and effort it takes to grow them back.

4. Rhinestones

This one is another trick that came to us thanks to the Euphoria series. You can glue them to the face with the help of tweezers and eyelash glue, or you can buy a set of adhesive-ready rhinestones.

5. Extreme winged liner

Here is a great piece of news for those who can’t draw a winged line on the eyes. Now you don’t need to torture yourself trying to draw the perfect line. Wings without a sharp end and with a thicker part will do too. It helps to create a bolder look. You can try the colorful version of this makeup look because bright eyeliner is the hit of this season.

6. Nefertiti eye-liner

It seems Dior has gotten inspired by the grunge looks from the ’90s. On the runway, their models’ eyes were contoured with the help of a coal eye pencil or liner. Perfectionism is not trendy today, and that’s why lines can be blurred and inaccurate — it will help your eyes look more expressive.

7. Monochrome makeup

Makeup in one color is an eternal trend. In this case, lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush should be in similar shades. You can use brighter colors or create a neutral look. The uniform color of the make-up will make it harmonious.

8. Colorful mascara

Star makeup artist, Molly Stern, offers to brighten everyday makeup with the help of colorful mascara, blue and dark blue shades are at the peak of trend lists today. For those, who feel scared to overdo it with blueness, Stern recommends applying colorful mascara as the first layer and then slightly apply brown or black mascara over it.

9. Orange

Makeup artists strongly recommend that fashionistas include shades of orange in their makeup wardrobe. A senior makeup artist from MAC, Fatima Thomas, advises paying attention to bright melon-orange shades.

10. An abundance of blush

Makeup artists have been recommending that we not do sharp contouring to maintain the illusion of naturally glowing skin for several years. For example, trying on the popular trend today called ’draping.’ Its essence is to apply light pink blush to the cheeks, temples, and the area under the eyebrows. Instead of blush, make-up artists advise using lipstick and “blending” it into the skin. And then applying it to the lips.

11. Makeup without makeup

Clean and hydrated skin, slightly rosy cheeks, neutral lips, tousled eyebrows, natural eyelashes are all key features in creating a captivating “no makeup” look. It will be appropriate in any situation.

12. Bright inner corners of the eyes

Here is a simple but original makeup idea — accentuating the inner corners of the eyes with the help of eyeshadow. It can be done within seconds and a cool result is guaranteed. Most often, this makeup is complemented with winged eyeliner.

13. Graphics on the eyes

Say ’no’ to boring winged eyeliner and ’yes’ to experiments with graphics. Now is the best moment to turn on your imagination and draw unusual winged eyeliner. For example, eyeliner that is not filled inside.

Or you can try drawing wings in one line on the lower lid or right above the brow on the motionless part of the eyelid. Replacing regular black eyeliner with a bright or white one is also welcome.

14. Focus on the lips

“Zero” eye makeup and bright lips — this trend has already found many fans among makeup artists and ordinary girls. The main thing is to make sure the lipstick is applied accurately, and the contour is clearly defined because your lips will be the center of attention.

15. Eyeshadows around eyes

Smokey eyes have given way to bold eye make-up in a single bright color with practically no shading. The shades of light and dark blue are becoming popular nowadays. However, don’t limit yourself and let your imagination go wild.

16. A combination of bright eyeshadows

A heavy dramatic look has been replaced with a sweet and light one. Bright shades and blurry watercolor strokes will help you get this effect. Unlike dark shadows, which often make the eyes appear smaller, this makeup, on the contrary, makes the look more open.

17. Twiggy-style makeup

This year, makeup artists are inspired by Twiggy-style makeup. Unusual arrows help to visually make the eyes look bigger and give expressiveness to the look. The main rule is that the upper line of the eyeliner should be drawn just above the crease, on the motionless eyelid — otherwise, the makeup should be smeared. Don’t worry if the lines aren’t perfect, it still works and will give off a rock and roll vibe.

Bonus: Hairstyles from the past

In the ’90s, the actresses of TV series showed us how to easily make our look more interesting. It seems that the spiral of beauty brands has gone full circle and that hairstyles from the past have returned to us again. Ponytails near the face with numerous elastic bands and hairstyles with zigzag parts are already here. If you want to return to your youth for a short time, arm yourself with a flat comb with fine teeth and thin transparent elastic bands.

Which of the aforementioned trends would you like to try on yourself?

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Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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