17 Customers Who Are Going to Remember Their Trip to the Store for a Long Time

2 years ago

A visit to a shop can turn into something unexpected. And we are not talking about a sudden price increase but about unusual customers you might encounter or tricky packages manufacturers create.

We at Bright Side are sure that anyone can come across curious things in stores while shopping for products, turning the trip into a real challenge requiring maximum attention from the customer.

A package for one potato

  • Why are the potatoes packaged at all? © loler4332 / Reddit
  • They are intended for you to poke a few holes in the plastic and to microwave for 10 or so minutes. This gives you a general “baked potato” sort of meal without having to wait for 2 hours or heating up the whole oven. © NotOutsideOrInside / Reddit

Purely deceiving consumers

“The supermarket near me has an aisle for ’lost spouses.’”

“I bought this bread specifically to make sandwiches...”

“There was a piece of wood in my vegetable bag.”

An entire grocery store aisle dedicated to water and water only

“Finally found toilet paper at my grocery store.”

The fat-free package of honey cornbread doesn’t have the glob of butter on top.

“The supermarket I’m in puts an anti-theft device on every energy drink.”

Someone broke all these candy bars.

Just a lady taking her bird with her to the supermarket.

“The grocery store has an anti-theft system for single cans of SPAM.”

“This is a huge aisle of Coke, which is the only soda option at my local supermarket.”

“Found a paper can at my local grocery store.”

“A secondhand store now occupies an old grocery store. Ever seen a jeans cooler?”

“A local supermarket has an entire aisle devoted to beans.”

Someone was so hungry that they couldn’t make it to the check-out zone.

What store stayed in your memory for a long time? Why?

Preview photo credit Minecraftpig96 / Reddit


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