16 Jaw-Dropping Houses That Defy Belief

9 months ago

While most of us probably live in fairly normal living spaces, there are some houses in this world that are absolutely awe-inspiring in their design and structure. Here are Bright Side’s favorites, from the beautiful to the terrifying!

16. Seashell House

Located in Mexico, this amazing house comes complete with a beautiful mosaic wall which lights up the inside with rainbow colors.

15. Bubble House

Originally owned by fashion designer Pierre Cardin, this bubble house has three swimming pools, a 500-seat amphitheatre, and a gorgeous view of the Mediterranean.

14. Skateboard House

Unsurprisingly owned by a former world champion skater, every surface both inside and outside of this house can be skated on...and so can the furniture!

13. Flintstone House

Designed to look exactly like the house in The Flintstones, this house — originally owned by Dick Clark — has one bedroom and two bathrooms, and absolutely everything looks like it’s made of stone.

12. Glass House

In this house in Japan, both the interior and exterior walls are entirely made of glass. The only room in the entire house with a non-transparent wall is the bathroom!

11. Converted Airplane House

Joanne Ussery originally owned a mobile home on property she’d bought next to a lake. However, when it burned down she bought this abandoned Boeing 727 instead!

10. Shoe House

This roadhouse attraction in Pennsylvania has changed hands a few times, but it is currently open on a seasonal basis offering guided tours of this highly unusual home!

9. Teapot House

Although no longer in use today, this adorable teapot house was designed and built as a gas station in 1922 and is still standing today!

8. Sliding House

The entirety of the timber exterior of this house in England can slide away like a giant sunroof, revealing the glass-panelled exterior beneath.

7. Mushroom House

Believe it or not, this house looked normal when architect Terry Brown bought it. He and 35 of his students spent the next few years adding all the quirky flourishes that make it so unique.

6. Cube Houses

Each of these cube houses has three floors with pyramid-shaped rooms. Dutch architect Pier Blom intended them to look like a forest of abstract modern art trees.

5. Winchester Mystery House

This famous house has a lot of odd quirks, from doors that lead nowhere to stairs that lead straight into the ceiling. The house is open to the public and features a lot in popular culture.

4. World’s Smallest House

Designed by a refugee in Germany who was used to not having much room, this house is just three feet squared. It features one room with just enough space to sit or lie down.

3. Vertiginous Cliff House

While not built as of yet, this design concept was imagined to hang off the side of a cliff, with glass walls giving a view of the ocean on three sides. The roof would be level with the ground, so visitors would have to be lowered in to reach the bottom levels.

2. Habitat 67

The housing complex was designed by Israeli/Canadian architect Moshe Safdie in Montreal, Canada. Habitat 67 comprises 354 identical, prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations, reaching up to 12 stories in height. Together these units create 146 residences of varying sizes and configurations, each formed from one to eight linked concrete units.

1. Upside-Down House

"Die Welt steht Kopf" in Trassenheide is a house that stands on its roof. This is a real house you can visit in Germany.

Preview photo credit commons.wikimedia.org
Based on materials from remolacha.net


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