17 Parents and Children Who Don’t Need Words to Show Their Love for Each Other

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3 years ago

As children grow and fill their days with new adventures and responsibilities, their relationships with their parents change. It becomes easier for some moms and dads to communicate with their little ones, but for others, not so much. This is when the ways of expressing love for one another get creative. Saying “I love you” suddenly takes on many synonyms and is showed through both small and large actions.

Bright Side collected some of the different ways children and parents remind each other of how much they adore one another.

1. “Daddy-daughter time! Try not to judge me too hard; it’s only the second time I’ve ever done this, haha. My girl is only 6, so she thinks it’s the best thing ever.😁❤️”

2. “My daughter dreamt it, I tried to draw it, and a local baker brought her dream birthday cake to life. Meet the Grogunicorn!”

3. “I make many of my daughter’s toys and playsets myself. She’s obsessed with Moana right now, so I made her Maui’s fish hook out of cardboard and the Heart of Te Fiti out of clay.”

4. “I decorated my daughter’s nursery, hoping to inspire her to explore the world and do whatever she wants in life.”

5. “My mom is giving me one of her kidneys tomorrow. 💕 Best mom ever!”

6. “My daughter wanted kitty cakes for her fourth birthday. Dad to the rescue! I’m not a professional...”

7. “My daughter (10) has been teaching herself to knit. She made this for my birthday on her first try.”

8. “Finally got a picture of my son in the coat I made him from a vintage wool blanket.”

9. “I’m usually terrible at decorating cakes, but I’m proud of my son’s solar system birthday cake.”

10. “Found my old Star Wars toys from when I was a kid. I’m giving them to my son to start his own collection.”

11. “My son writes these stories about King Vargas, so now we are developing his world on an art pad he got me for Christmas. I present to you Phoenix World and the descriptions of each character. We’ve been having a blast with it, and there’s still so much more to do!”

12. “This is my son. He has cerebral palsy and loves video games. Hope this adaptive controller helps him.”

13. “My daughter needs to gain some weight (she’s in the second percentile in weight), so we’re trying out some new feeding techniques.”

14. “For Christmas, my mom got my dog and me matching pajamas.”

15. “I’m very happy! My mom made these stickers for me! Best mom ever!”

16. “I told my mom that when I turn 21, I want a Minecraft party. Well, here it is.”

17. “My dad usually isn’t one for words, so this means more to me than you guys could ever know.”

Do you remember the last time you told your parents how important they are to you? What’s the most extraordinary way you’ve shown them how much you love them?

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