17 People Do Things We Would Never Even Think Of

2 years ago

Most of us are pretty predictable. Who is going to keep a cake in the freezer for 5 years or walk on the sand in socks? But it turns out that there are people who ignore the ordinary rules and do as they see fit.

We at Bright Side think that the original behavior of the people from this article makes them unique, which is why they are interesting to watch.

“I married someone who does this...”

“So, this is herring on onions with pickles, honey, and mustard.”

“I just found out that my grandmother has spent some time hitting the weights, she turns 85 next week...”

“We experienced a power outage due to severe storms, so the front gate wouldn’t open. I didn’t have 45 minutes to wait. I pushed, pulled, and ripped the gate completely off myself.”

“This is my grandpa, he’s 86 years old and he’s just moved from one big city to another. Because why not?”

“My husband set up a motion sensor sign that lights up when my cat poops...”

“This brave man made a tire cover that I absolutely adore.”

You don’t expect to see this when you’re at sea.

“This is the gaming room in our new apartment, rate my setup.”

This full-sized Barbie Jeep

Policeman and his teammate doing their job

“All the grocery stores were sold out of pumpkins, so I carved a watermelon instead.”

When you want to eat wok but you have no chopsticks:

“Cat wouldn’t stop pooping in the bathtub, had to get creative.”

“I helped a friend move last weekend. She ‘thought’ she was going to put this toilet paper holder in the donation pile. Meet my newest yarn holder, Wilbur.”

“Someone at my work stuck this over a squashed mosquito.”

“My mom kept this cake in the freezer for 5 years! ”

What unusual things have you or someone you know done recently? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit kirapractor / Twitter


I love the squished mosquito on the wall with the jurassic park cut out. lol
Wrong way pal.... (to the biker in the middle of the ocean :p )
When I grow up... I wanna be this grandpa age 86 so fashionable like 26 :0

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