17 People Stayed in Hotels That Gave Them Extra Grey Hair

3 years ago

How bad can a hotel possibly be? It could be dirty or it might have bad pillows. But what if the toilet is right in the middle of the room or what if the room has no bed at all? Internet users talked about the hotels they’ve stayed at and we didn’t know how to feel while we were reading these stories.

We at Bright Side have read hundreds of stories about horrible hotels and we’re sharing the most interesting ones.

  • It wasn’t a hotel, but more like a hostel. The shared bathrooms were at the end of a very long corridor that opened up to tiny rooms on both sides. I counted a total of 20 rooms on each floor — all sharing just 2 toilets and 2 shower rooms for the men. The rooms were tiny — there was enough space for just a single bed and a night table. There was no wardrobe or anything else. The worst thing is there was only one small window that could not be locked. One day, someone opened the window, crawled into my room, and simply told me, “Sorry, I lost my keys.” © Kim Lo / Quora

  • Last year during Easter break my husband and I decided to go on a beach vacation. We booked a spa suite in a motel. The reviews were good, the price was reasonable, and in the pictures, it looked great. What more could we have asked for??? But don’t worry, it is not one of those scenarios where you see something in the pictures and end up getting something else. The suite was exactly the same, except for one little detail. There it was, a toilet WITHOUT A DOOR straight across from the bed. There was just a small bamboo screen next to it and I am sure we were expected to use it as a divider every time someone took a trip to the toilet. © Supreet Kaur / Quora

  • The toilet overflowed so exuberantly, I leapt up to the edge of the bathtub to escape the flow. Then there was the tricky matter of getting from the bathtub to anywhere else without stepping in Lake Toilet. People asked how this predicament ended. In Hollywood adventure movies, heroes swing from tree to tree by clinging to vines while avoiding lurking crocodiles in the swamp below. My escape was sort of like that, except it involved grabbing the top edge of a hotel bathroom door and leveraging that for extra distance in a leap that barely avoided a floating wad of used toilet paper. © doublestitch / Reddit

  • Once I stayed in a hotel where the hot and cold water feeds for the room were plumbed the wrong way around. The water in the toilet bowl was boiling hot and kind of steamed your butt when you used it... © CADmonkeyM / Reddit

  • My girlfriend and I walked in after being gone all day, and felt something wet on the floor. The lights were out and it was night time, so we couldn’t tell what it was. We turned on the lights to see that the toilet was just broken. Didn’t overflow, the tank is just cracked and water is pouring everywhere. The entire bedroom and bathroom were soaked. Go down to let them know, request money back, and cancel the room for that night, they offer us another room instead. Okay, sure. Walk into the new room, someone is already staying there. The poor woman looked horrified when we walked in. Got ALL our cash back after that and left. © xoriginal_usernamex / Reddit

  • I was in Turkey with my friends. I came into the room and the bathroom door was broken. The hotel manager told an employee to go with me to solve the problem. He came and tried to flirt with me, like, “You’re as beautiful as the moon, and I’ve fallen in love at first sight.” When we got into the room, I told him to fix it and that I’d be back. I saw a guy in the hall, told him about the situation, and I asked him to come with me because I was scared. His name was Mike and he was staying there with his wife. So, we open the door, Mike goes in and I realize that the employee is sitting on the bed in his underwear. When he saw Mike, he went pale. Mike asked, “What are you trying to do to my wife?” The guy fixed the door and left. A couple of days later, this guy comes to me and says seriously, “You have a dark soul, this is why your husband found another woman and left with her.” © ZzZzzz11 / Pikabu

“My room for 2 in Montreal”

  • Checked into a casino hotel. Put our stuff in the room and then went to the casino. Came back hours later and could not get into our room. Was informed that our room had to be exterminated due to “an infestation.” When I inquired about what type of infestation? I was told that the desk clerk was not allowed to divulge that information. Got the hotel manager and he let us back into our room. The place was tossed: furniture overturned, mattress off of the bed, etc. The manager then took us to our new room and gave us the key cards for it. I asked how do you check someone into a room then discover it is infested with whatever? He was unable to adequately answer my question. I asked him about what type of extermination chemicals they used because our stuff had been exterminated as well. He again could not comment. Wound up throwing out any consumables, didn’t wear anything from our luggage, and checked out early the next morning, never to return again to that hotel. When we got home we washed everything in the hottest water available. As an aside: itched for a couple of days afterward, but this was probably the power of suggestion. © whatoosee / Reddit
  • This happened over Christmas time in China. Came back to the hotel after dropping my boyfriend off at the airport, so I was clearly not in the best mood, only to find a lot of my belongings moved around the room and items missing... Including my passport... I had to go to reception and try to speak Mandarin (which I was only studying at the time) and explain the situation. My passport was the main issue and I managed to get it back, but I had gifts from my mom that were thrown out. Turns out the maids had taken my passport with the sheets to the laundry room, which is crazy because it was actually in a cabinet (there was no safe available). Checked out 2 weeks early and got a refund for all the missing items, as she admitted to throwing them away, but she wouldn’t say anything about why she had gone through my things or why she had moved anything. © mao64 / Reddit

  • A few years ago I was staying at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip and they had construction going on. Construction-related faulty wiring or something kept causing the alarm to go off (false alarm) and periodically a recorded voice would say there was some kind of incident and to stay in your room until otherwise notified. All. Night. Long. © harbac / Reddit

  • I paid like $300 a night to stay at a fancy hotel for work in Park City, UT, in the summer for a conference. They put me in this room with a kitchen and a living room and so many doors. Like 4 closed doors. So I go to open one and it’s locked. And the next one is locked. Come to find out, all of them are locked. And then I realize there is no bed. Not even a couch bed. Just a couch. They literally gave me a room that didn’t have a bed. It was the adjoining living room for other hotel rooms. I checked my reservation and it said I booked a room with a bed. I felt like I was in the twilight zone when I went to the lobby and asked where my bed at my hotel was, and they didn’t see the problem. It took almost 3 hours to get it sorted out while I was arguing that paying for a hotel is paying for the bed. © RainbowZebraGum / Reddit

  • I needed to find a hotel in Dayton because of my daughter’s gymnastics competition. I read online reviews and they were good reviews. The price was good too, so I booked it. I had difficulty finding it, because it was dark and their sign wasn’t lit. The parking lot was pitch black. Just outside the entrance, there were 2 sketchy guys that looked like they were negotiating something illegal. Inside the motel, the lobby was dimly lit with flickering lights. The room was no better. Stained sheets, holes in the bedspread, and hair in the shower. The fitness room consisted of a stair stepper that was broken and an old TV on the ground, that was also broken. I told the front desk that I wanted to cancel our reservation. She said, “I don’t blame you. This place is gross. I had an interview at another hotel and I hope they hire me so I can quit this place.” © DareWright / Reddit

  • My friend was a hotel maid in an expensive hotel. 9.1 rating, 4 stars, great rooms and reviews. Then, her story, “This experienced maid was my boss and she showed me what to do. We went into a room, put the dirty glasses in the sink washed them with a sponge. Then, we used the same sponge to wash the toilet, the bathtub, and everything else. And in the next room, we started washing the glasses WITH THE SAME SPONGE! I asked her why and she said, “It’s okay. The sponge has 2 sides, right?” © GranTurismo / Pikabu

“They said I would have a sea view.”

  • The pictures on the website all looked nice. Rooms looked good for what I needed and with free breakfast, what could go wrong? It was $100 a night, seemed reasonable. So I get there, and in the large hotel parking lot, there are only about 2-3 cars outside. I check in, and start off to my room. The elevator door opens and boom, dark hallway, no lights. It was being renovated or something, and you had to walk through the renovation to get to your room? I go to the bathroom because I want to shower after a long road trip. I turn on the water and the cold water doesn’t work. I turn on the hot water, and it never gets hot, it just stays cold. I lift the pillow and... Spider nest! I immediately pack my stuff back up and again walk through the renovation to the elevator. I press the lobby button, the doors shut, and... You guessed it, the elevator gets stuck. I pull my cell phone out and try calling the main desk. It takes 4 calls before they pick up. They say they’ll send someone.
    After 2 hours, finally, someone gets the elevator working and I’m let out.After I get to the front desk and get my refund, I storm out of the place toward my car. On the way, I trip on one of those long concrete barriers at the front of parking spots, and promptly break my wrist. © Giantxbones / Reddit
  • ​​​​​​​I was staying at a hotel and having breakfast. The waiter accidentally dropped a pancake on my jacket. Left a big greasy stain. He apologized, took my jacket, and went to get it dry cleaned. In the evening, I got my jacket back — all clean. Great service. I was shocked when I found out that the dry cleaning was included in my bill. I didn’t agree to pay for it. © deleted / Pikabu

Cake and fruit in the honeymoon suite

  • My dad went to a hotel once and checked in to a first-floor room. He went into the room, put his stuff down, opened the curtains... And a man was hiding there. My dad went “excuse me,” closed the curtains, got his stuff, and left. Went to the front desk to explain that a man was hiding in his room. Turns out the guy had just robbed a place and somehow got into the room through an open window. © arcant12 / Reddit

  • In September 1995 a friend and I spent a weekend in Brussels, traveling there via Eurostar, a train service that had been running for just a few months at the time. The hotel where we stayed was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, anywhere in the world. We soon discovered that if we even had a quiet conversation in our room, the guests in the neighboring rooms would angrily call out, and bang on the wall, as did guests in rooms on both sides of ours during our stay. We, therefore, had to keep quiet as much as we could and not use the TV in the room at all. I believe that the building had been converted into a hotel from its previous use as a theatre or an opera house. © Michael Burden / Quora

  • In Barcelona, we decided to stay at a hostel. The rating was more than 9, great reviews. It was a terrible place. I was going through a dark corridor and I heard a woman telling someone on the phone that the hostel was great. I asked her why she was lying and she said that it’s the location that matters for hostels. And this one was located downtown.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that gave you the chills? Tell us your stories in the comment section below!

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