17 People Who Cope With Their Unlucky Situations by Sharing Them

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Sometimes in life, we are presented with situations that may upset us throughout the day, but this does not imply that the entire week will be a disaster. We can overcome the hardship by sharing it, simply laughing about it, moving on, and having fun.

At Bright Side, we compiled photos of unlucky encounters people had in the hopes that they will provide a good laugh or at least a good lesson for the future.

1. “My friend got stung by something.”

2. “Donating blood today, used the bathroom and this happened.”

3. “When I remove the wrapper from the lollipop, I don’t think it wants me to.”

4. “First time swimming in the ocean in over 5 years; got stung by a small jellyfish within 2 minutes.”

5. “Every single avocado (except 1) from the market pack I bought 2 days ago”

6. “When this happens, it means I overcooked the pizza.”

7. “Had a wrench thrown into our plans on the ride home last night.”

8. “I bought noodles after a long time of not eating them, and this is how much seasoning I got.”

9. “The shelf holding the extra large pizza boxes came loose.”

10. “I opened the bag, and this is what I got.”

11. “Turned the wrong burner on by mistake.”

12. “At least the cats enjoyed their brief all-you-can-eat buffet.”

13. “Went to grab pretzels and came back to almost drinking this without noticing.”

14. “This is a brand new robot vacuum we got as a wedding gift. Don’t even know where to begin.”

15. “I was just trying to have my morning coffee.”

16. “Anyone else having this kind of day?”

17. “Well, I guess I know how I’m spending the next few hours.”

Which one of these photos is your favorite? Have you had any similar experiences? Share them with us in the comments.


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