17 People Who Couldn’t Predict the Result When Getting Their Tattoo

3 years ago

tattoo is a great way to express your individuality, highlight your strong side, or be a reminder of an important event. The tattoo image remains with its owner for good and becomes a part of their body, that’s why you shouldn’t choose the image in haste. Especially taking into consideration the fact that tattoos are very difficult to remove.

At Bright Side, we come across different tattoos on the Internet. And some of them make us want to cry. Mind you, not with joy.

“My friend has no idea his tattoo doesn’t say ’death metal’ but ‘death to the money.’ That’s what happens when you use Google Translate.”

It is so cute!

“My friend is so proud of this gem.”

“If you had any ’Franklins’ your tattoo would not have come out like this.”

The more you look, the worse it looks.

“Ahh yes, the constellation of Aries. I paid nearly $100 for this at 18.”

“If you are ever feeling stupid, just remember that you did not try to tattoo yourself with no experience... with a tattoo gun from Amazon... without tracing...”

We only hope that this tattoo was first a sketch by a child.

“My boyfriend’s sister got a new tattoo! We sure did get a kick out of it!”

That Louis Vuitton pattern doesn’t always look expensive or appropriate.

Be careful! You can break your brain trying to read this tattoo.

Is it a girl or a lioness? Wait. Is there a bear on the left?

We can only guess what this guy tried to write with his tattoo.

“I traded my guitar for this masterpiece when I was 18.”

“My buddy got this in the parking lot of a bar...”

What would Lord Voldemort say about his portrait?

“One of my friends got a tattoo from a guy she knew. She immediately regretted her decision.”

Have you met people with extraordinary tattoos? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit girlswithpearls / reddit


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