17 People With Enough Positivity to Brighten Up Anyone’s Day

2 years ago

Some people simply exude positivity, love, and light on a daily basis to everyone around. The bonus is having them in your life as shining stars that brighten your day like nothing else. Their huge love-filled smiles are enough to make any of us melt with happiness, whether it’s our grandparents meeting their grandchild for the first time or finally getting married after some setbacks.

Bright Side would like to share the happiness of these beautiful souls with the rest of the world to add a little sparkle to your day.

1. “My great-grandmother turned 101 years old today, still laughing and enjoying life.”

2. “This is the day I met my wife (1999).”

3. “My parents at the beach — 37 years together, Mom is battling breast cancer.”

4. “This is my grandparents meeting my daughter for the first time.”

5. “Got married yesterday after postponing it 3 times. She’s beautiful and we’re both finally happy for something!”

6. “My wife just birthed our child!”

7. “These past few years have been really tough for me. Now you can see that smile on my face is coming from the bottom of my heart.”

8. “Broke my family’s poverty cycle — my wife and I just bought our first home!”

9. “My sister who is new to UK pub culture just had a dog handed to her to cradle in her arms. She was ecstatic. We love the UK.”

10. “First time dying my hair at the ripe old age of 36! Seeing blonde in the mirror feels super surreal!”

11. “Knitting makes him happy. First pair of socks, done!”

12. “That’s my happy baby, she doesn’t like to smile in front of the camera, but I finally was able to catch a smile after playing all kinds of tricks.”

13. “After almost 2 years of postpartum depression, I have finally found myself again and love the woman I have become.”

“I think motherhood looks good on me!”

14. “Always asked for a skateboard as a kid. My parents said not until I’m 35. Today, they delivered.”

15. “This is my mom, Karen, and she has ALS.”

16. “My dad is pretty stoked over his new refrigerator. He worked really hard to make it happen. I love my dad and he makes me happy.”

17. “My parents met my daughter Alice for the first time. It’s their first grandchild in our family.”

Who do you know that always makes you smile? Give them the love they deserve in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit tferoli / Reddit, tferoli / Imgur


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