17 Pets Who Found Their True Selves After a Haircut

2 years ago

Like humans, animals visit their hairstylists once in a while for a neat cut that will give them a whole new swag. Some of them enter the parlor looking like a scruffy Jason Momoa and leave looking like a clean-shaven Harry Styles. The changes can be so dramatic that people wonder whether it’s the same pet as before the cut.

Bright Side collected 17 pictures that show how one trip to the groomer can give your pet a whole new look.

1. “New haircut, same smile”

2. “Here’s my little gremlin before and after getting groomed.”

3. “Before and after a haircut”

4. “First ever big boy haircut”

5. “My Teddy, before and after his summer haircut”

6. “Cooper the miniature schnauzer’s first haircut”

7. “Heard you guys like haircut pictures.”

8. “Did we bring home the wrong dog?”

9. “Boci really loves taking a nap.”

10. “My dog, Betsy”

11. “My friend’s dog before and after his haircut”

12. “First haircut (1-year-old).”

13. “We rescued a Maltese. After 3 hours of cutting matted hair and bathing her, here is Luna’s before and after.”

14. “It’s 90°F outside, so my dog, the one-eyed Snuggles, needed a groomer.”

15. “I didn’t know he had eyes.”

16. “My sweet girl, Cheech, is 15 years old! After her haircuts, everyone always thinks she’s a puppy.”

17. “My dog before and after a haircut”

Does your pet look as transformed as the ones above after getting a haircut? We’d love to see your pictures if you want to share them.

Preview photo credit JocoLCM19 / reddit


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