17 Pics That Prove Our Dogs Can Teach Us a Lot About Genuine Love

3 years ago

From hugging you and staying by your side when you’re sick to bringing you their favorite toy, dogs have a million ways to say, “I love you.” Those subtle gestures of pure affection make our days brighter and help us forget about our stresses and worries. And it’s even better when we manage to take a photo of these heartfelt moments to keep them with us for a long time.

Here at Bright Side we’ve found these 17 sweet photos people posted on the internet to show the world how much their doggos love them.

1. “Bonnie put her favorite toy on my packed suitcase.”

2. “My dog was so excited to see me when I got home, he ‘hugged’ me!”

3. “My anxious dog after making her first doggy friend”

4. “My daughter was born a week ago and my dog will not leave her side.”

5. “How my dog hugs me when I come home.”

6. “Lola, my grandmother’s dog, brings her blanket to you if she likes you.”

7. “My dog takes care of me when I’m sick, and he only sleeps when I’m sleeping. I took this picture right after I woke up.”

8. “My dog cuddling with her only newborn puppy”

9. “My fiancé chose my dog over me for a cuddle and my dog just rubbed it in my face.”

10. “I just want someone to look at me the way my dog looks at me.”

11. “How my daughter’s dog waits for her to get home from school.”

12. “This is how my new dog rode in my car after we left the shelter.”

13. “Find someone who stares at you the way my dog stares at my wife.”

14. “My girlfriend’s dog hugs me every time I come over.”

15. “My parent’s dog came to visit for the first time since February, and my golden retriever was so happy to be reunited.”

16. “My son broke his arm and ever since he came home, my girlfriend’s dog won’t leave his side.”

17. “My wife just left for work for the first time in 3 months.”

Do you have pets? In what ways do they show you how much they love you?

Preview photo credit jayblesz / Reddit


I wonder if the first one put the toy there to make sure it's packed, or to give it to her as a gift so she feels better

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