17 Pictures That Were Taken at the Right Place at the Right Time

3 years ago

By 2021, it is believed that around 1.4 trillion photos will be taken worldwide. With such a huge number of pics taken in a single year, suddenly, all kinds of coincidences and strange images are far more likely to happen, be it of cute newborn babies, pets, and even, as in this case, of moments or things that are unlikely to be seen again or found anywhere else.

Well, Bright Side set out to look for these impressive pictures that prove sometimes people manage to be at just the right place at just the right time to witness something impressive, and they’re lucky enough to have a camera or smartphone in hand to capture it all.

“Locals in Puerto Rico painted this mural. They made sure to include the dog that chills there often.”

“A heart appeared as our snow fort melted away.”

“A wasp captured right in front of my eye — a golden eye”

“The double rainbow that appears in my shower on sunny mornings”

The cat’s name is Noodles, and it looks like something scared him — luckily, his human captured a beautiful face right in time.

“This plant growing over the sidewalk”

“A Florida seagull flew by just as the picture was being taken.”

“There’s a googly-eyed ghost in my coffee!”

“An ice cube I found with the Nike swoosh on it”

“My neighbor is talking to someone who looks just like him.”

“The sunset and a dolphin”

“My cat likes to keep 1 leg out.”

“The imprint of my mom’s car tires”

“My wife snapped this perfect action shot on accident.”

“Seriously, what are the chances!?”

“The fuzz on my sock looks like a flamingo.”

2 elements combined in perfect harmony: the sky and the sea (and the extra sun)

Do you have a photo worthy of being in this compilation? Don’t be shy — share it with us and maybe we’ll include it in one of our articles!


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