17 Times Nature Tried to Hit You With New Wonders

year ago

When you’re tired of your everyday routine and life without wonder, just go outside. Nature has prepared tons of stuff that deserves to be caught on camera. Even termites can surprise you with the art that they make with books.

1. “A house cat suffering from a rare condition that causes its muscles to grow excessively large”

2. “A lion’s mane jellyfish that washed ashore in Maine — the largest one ever recorded had a 7-foot wide bell and 120-foot long tentacles (210 cm by 36.6 m).”

3. “A wild mushroom rising up from the ground”

4. “I have 6 toes on each of my feet.”

5. “So some bees decided to make a hive in between the window and the shutters.”

6. “Anonychia is the partial or total absence of one or more nails on the fingers or toes.”

7. “My brother’s pumpkins are stuck between rotting and freezing.”

8. “This orange was starting to grow a second orange when I took it off the tree.”

9. “The sunrise illuminating icicles I stuck on a snow-covered patio table”

10. “A tree featuring a lamp post”

11. “My hair froze in minutes this morning in −36°F.”

12. “A sand dollar left a trail on the beach at low tide.”

13. “Termites ate up this copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.”

14. “An icicle growing from a spider’s web outside my window”

15. “The way these mushrooms form an almost perfect circle”

16. “These bunches of grapes are growing into a bunch of grapes.”

17. “At my Airbnb, there’s a mushroom growing out of the bathroom door jamb.”

Which pic did you like the most? What unusual thing have you seen today?


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