18 Famous Stars of the 80s and How Much They’ve Changed Over the Years

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Celebrities in the 80s had a certain allure that was hard to pinpoint. Nowadays, we can see them in nostalgic and memorable films and TV shows and compare them to what they look like today. It’s definitely eye-opening how much they’ve changed and matured through time, and it only reminds us of how things used to be.

At Bright Side, we compiled photos of celebrities from the 80s and compared them to how they look today. Hint: They’re still as charming as ever.

1. Rob Lowe

2. Matthew Broderick

3. Kevin Bacon

4. Matt Dillon

5. Drew Barrymore

6. Cyndi Lauper

7. Jennifer Grey

8. Alan Ruck

9. Geena Davis

10. Anthony Michael Hall

11. Judge Reinhold

12. Kim Basinger

13. Chuck Norris

14. Bill Murray

15. Ralph Macchio

16. Val Kilmer

17. Josh Brolin

18. Tom Cruise

Which of these celebrities is your favorite, and which of their films do you like the most?


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