18 Fresh Comedies That Can Make Your Summer Evening Even Brighter

3 years ago

Our life is abundant with challenges, but we persevere and find something good and positive in each day. In order to remind you that miracles do happen, we collected some comedies for you that contain a tangled bunch of jokes along with some serious messages. For example, you can see how a lonely old man manages to start a love story with a young beauty, how a millionaire serves spaghetti and sleeps in a lumber-room, and how a guy who lost his eyesight gets a job at an elite hotel.

Bright Side offers you this compilation of fresh comedies that will fill your summer vacation with positivity and smiles.

1. Rolling To You, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 6.2

He is a successful businessman, a smooth operator, and a big liar ready to do anything to charm women. Once, he decided to use a wheelchair roll over to a beautiful woman pretending to be handicapped. The woman, in turn, decided to introduce him to her sister Florence who knows what it’s like to be disabled. This romantic comedy with an unusual plot proves to us once again that love is always ready to play a joke on us.

2. My Blind Date With Life, 2017

  • IMDb rating — 7.1

Do you have difficulties at work? Perhaps you don’t really know what real difficulties look like. When a young man, an excellent student and the hope of his family loses his eyesight, all he has left to do is to accept the sympathy of his surroundings. But this guy is not going to change his plans — he had intended to fulfill his dream and get a job in a first-class, elite hotel. This comedy has many moments that will make you think, smile, and realize how good this life is.

3. Johnny English Strikes Again, 2018

  • Release: 26 October 2018

The agent of Her Majesty’s secret service left his work and is enjoying the simple pleasures of a normal life. But the echoes of his previous occupation are chasing him. The secret service organization faces a strong opponent that has the list of all its agents, except Johnny English. If you’ve enjoyed the adventures of this agent before, you’ll definitely like this one.

4. Mamma Mia! 2, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 7.3

The audience of this movie saw in the first part how Sophie secretly invited her 3 potential fathers to Greece for her wedding. Her mother was unaware of her daughter’s deed and the 3 potential fathers of her daughter came as a shock to her. After that, the events followed by dances, singing, and beautiful landscapes developed progressively. The second part of the movie has another bunch of good news and funny adventures in store for you. And if musicals are your thing, then you’ll definitely like this film.

5. Sorry to Bother You, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 7.5

Cassius needs a job really bad and he finally gets one when he gets hired by a telemarketing company. The job seems fairly simple — you call a potential client, try to sell the product — done! The thing is that clients somehow understand that he is Afro-American and drop his calls. That’s when one of his colleagues gives him the advice to pretend to be a ’white guy.’ Well, let him try! This fantasy-comedy reminds us that difficulties were made to be won over.

6. Mr. Stein Goes Online, 2017

  • IMDb rating — 6.4

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a 75-year-old widower decided to take online lessons to develop his communicational skills? Pierre has lived a long life but he has an eternally young heart. Alex, a young man, helps him overcome difficulties with using new gadgets and that’s when the old man realizes that the virtual world could help him get back to his youth. Why not? A nice, funny, and somewhat unexpected movie with a well-loved actor will brighten up any evening.

7. Family Heist, 2017

  • IMDb rating — 5.5

One very respectable gentleman invites 2 girls, that don’t have any idea that they’re sisters, to a mountain hotel for his birthday. It’s difficult for the hapless father to cope with these 2 grown-up beauties. The situation becomes complicated for the girls too when they find out that their father is the greatest art thief of all time who has planned another large-scale heist. This dynamic and funny comedy will enthrall you with curious situations and the bright acting of Jean Reno.

8. Return of the Hero, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 6.4

A brave officer has a way of charming young ladies, including young Pauline who is deeply in love with Captain Neuville and is crazy obsessed with pursuing him. But there are practical girls who manage to stay calm and who are not prone to his charm and Pauline’s elder sister is among them. Soon, Neuville is called to the front lines and his inconsolable bride starts to feel more and more down without receiving letters from her beloved. Her elder sister decides to save her sibling and does it in a very smart way. This comedy will teleport you to a romantic 19th century — the time of balls, feasts, intrigues, duels and, of course, love.

9. Family Is Family, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 5.5

Valentin, a successful Parisian architect and designer, mingles among the elite community, drives a luxurious car, and lives in a prestigious district with a beloved girl that is as gorgeous as he is. Fashionable editorials write that he is an ’incredibly talented orphan.’ Meanwhile, in the Parisian suburbs, we see a joyful family that seems to know a lot more than others about this ’hot designer architect.’ This simple, but at the same time philosophical, comedy will evoke warm feelings in you.

10. Book Club, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 6.6

Retired life means calmness, travel, and walks with grandchildren. Supposedly... But in the depth of the soul, many people stay their same crazy selves. Once, 4 respectable ladies from a book club decided to read the sensational novel 50 Shades of Grey and it seems that this didn’t happen accidentally but it was a sign from above. This comedy was made for bringing good vibes because you will never get bored with these pensioners.

11. Overboard, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 5.8

When watching the old Overboard comedy some of us probably had a thought, “What would this situation look like if it happened vice versa?” Perhaps this idea came to the heads of the authors of the new comedy where a naughty millionaire falls off his yacht. What comes next? Well, now it’s a woman who is going to set the rules. She has 3 daughters and a lot of work to do. Ironic, lively, and full of funny moments, this comedy is a crowd pleaser.

12. The Last Word, 2017

  • IMDb rating — 6.6

Once a businesswoman named Harriet, who rigidly regulates every aspect of her own life, invited a young writer to control her life even after her death by creating the text for her future necrologue. The woman wants to correct some memories and other people’s opinions about her to create a perfect picture. But the writer Anne, played by Amanda Seyfried, doesn’t agree with her. Not only will this movie make you smile but also give an impulse to reconsider your life, past and present.

13. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, 2017

  • IMDb rating — 7.0

The fans of the first Jumanji movie have been waiting for the premiere of this movie. And thanks to the original ideas from the authors, they managed to create an unexpectedly interesting plot. This adventurous comedy depicts one of the best and most successful methods to fight one’s complexes and flaws. And, the movie is abundant with bright moments, funny jokes, and dynamism.

14. Brad’s Status, 2017

  • IMDb rating — 6.5

Since he was a student, Brad has always dreamt about being hugely successful and building great plans for his life together with his friends. But the years flew by very quickly and he remained an ordinary office worker. He was lucky enough to get a loving wife and a smart son that’s about to go to college. But it seems that Brad is more worried about his own life status and he and his son need to do one important thing together. This family drama comedy is about dreams, reality, and the ability to find the good things in life.

15. Game Night, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 7.0

Every week Max and Annie play ’night games’ with their friends solving mysteries. On one occasion Max’s charismatic brother Brooks visits and sends them on an ’adult’ quest. Nobody could even guess that one of the components of the game would be men wearing masks and leading Brooks into unknown territory. It seems the participants will have to fight for their lives, not for the score. If you like excitement and risk, then you should definitely take part in these ’games.’

16. Dog Days, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 5.6

You have probably already seen movies with love stories like Love Actually, Valentine’s Day, or Paris, I Love You. This comedy takes place in sunny Los Angeles. All the characters in the movie are united by their love for dogs. And as you probably know, dogs are experts in creating curious and funny situations. This easy-going and slightly naive comedy is like the pet that can make you laugh with one twitch of its ears.

17. Eighth Grade, 2018

  • IMDb rating — 8.3

Comedian Bo Burnham decided to film a movie about a young school girl named Kayla. Just like other school kids, she wants to become popular and decides to start her own Youtube channel. Unfortunately, in real life, the recommendations from her blog don’t stir up any interest among internet users. And they don’t even help her find friends or become a member of the ’cool’ kids. This comedy is the story of everyone’s life, a chance to feel like an adolescent again and to look back at the problems of those days with a smile.

18. Destination Wedding, 2018

  • Release: August 31, 2018

It seems that it was Keanu Reeves’s lengthy ’diamond’ bachelorhood that inspired the authors of this movie. A once hardened bachelor named Frank is invited to a wedding. A set of coincidences start to happen in his life, or to be exact, it’s one woman whose routes start to strangely coincide with his. Is it love or a sly plan? Only time will tell. Just like in real life, comedy and drama are closely tangled in this romantic movie. And with a cast that includes Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves, you won’t be bored.

Which comedies do you choose when you want to improve your mood? Please tell us about your preferences in the comments!


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