18 Kitchen Tricks That Future Generations Might Even Want to Use

2 years ago

People have always cooked food and it seems impossible to invent anything new. However, there are still some amazing people that manage to look at the most ordinary things from a totally new angle.

We at Bright Side also cook quite often, so we keep an eye on new life hacks and test many of them by ourselves.

This will make a perfect soft-boiled egg.

You can make a perfect soft-boiled egg if you put it into boiling water and wait for 5-7 minutes depending on the size. Before dropping them in, you can pierce the shell on the blunt end. You can easily do this by using a simple pin or needle you have lying around.

Have an old knife but the handle is wooden? Boil some linseed oil in a pan and rub the handle using just a few drops.

“Peeling onions and garlic on an old tea towel makes for easy clean up and less skins floating around the kitchen.”

Use a spoon to anchor your strainer.

“My sister just pulled this out to stop the big spoon from falling into the bowl.”

Everyone knows you can open a jar with a knife. But there’s an alternative way that doesn’t damage the lid.

If you press the lid on the sides carefully, the air will get in and the lid will be easy to open.

A simple way to cut mushrooms.

You can freeze eggs. Just don’t forget to add a bit of sugar or salt or the yolk will be very dense.

In order not to bake potatoes in the oven for 1 hour, you can use the microwave oven. 5 minutes in the microwave oven and 15 minutes in the oven.

If you put some baking powder on chicken before baking it, it will be really crispy.

“Portion soup into ziplock bags and flatten into rectangles before freezing. Saves space, defrosts super quick, and means you can keep an eye on portion control!”

It’s not easy to remove pieces of the egg shell from the dish. But if you wet your fingers, the pieces will stop escaping from you.

You can avoid getting eggshell pieces into the meal if you break the egg on a flat surface.

To get rid of dirt in the coffee grinder, grind some rice in it.

You can make bonfire potatoes using a stove.

The recipe is simple: put salt on the frying pan. The layer should be at least 2 cm. Put the potatoes on the top, cover them with the lid, and set a medium temperature. Cook for 40 minutes, rotating the potatoes from time to time.

Just a simple trick.

You don’t need a special machine to create vacuum in ziplock. Just use water to get rid of the air.

Just crumple baking parchment and open it to prevent it from rolling.

Do you have your own life hacks to make cooking easier? We’re ready to write your tips down!


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