18 People Who Can’t Get Through the Day Without Helping Others

2 years ago

Even tough and cynical people sometimes need someone who can show sympathy and kindness to them. Often we don’t even guess how strongly we can be affected by someone’s insignificant act. It happens that even a small favor from a stranger can bring back our faith in humanity.

At Bright Side, we found out that care can be manifested in many ways. The heroes of this article know how to make their loved ones happy, they are ready to do anything for animals, and they want their clients to feel as comfortable as possible.

1. “My husband decided to bake cookies for the old lady living next door who recently lost her husband. He looked up how to do it on YouTube.”

“He said, ’I made them look like this on purpose so that the lady would know that I made them with my own hands.’”

2. “My mom’s director paid for their welder’s expensive spine surgery. And this is how the welder thanked him. This is an outdoor grill in the shape of a deer.”

3. “My dog needed to pee and it was raining, so this was my mom’s solution.”

4. “I could never reach kitchen cabinets and this is what my husband made. Care is about little things.”

5. “My grandma didn’t want me to get a tortoise. I come home and my tortoise is wearing a watermelon sweater.”

6. “It was cold and raining. We came out of a supermarket and decided to take a taxi so that our food didn’t get cold.”

“The driver turned on lights in the back part of the car before we even sat down and said how long it would take to get us home. And they prepared this for their passengers.”

7. “My grandma has always been supportive of my work. She made a surprise for me today — a blanket made out of scraps she stole from my scrap box.”

8. “My cat is snoozing on the sofa I crocheted for her.”

9. “My mom and I have always bonded over Game of Thrones. This year she made me these cakes for my 30th name day.”

10. “So this morning I made my chickens tiny pancakes because I love them and they are good chickens.”

11. “My dad is afraid to fly, so when I was 5 years old I made him a doll to hold on the plane.”

“Mom just sent me this photo. He is packed to come visit me. The doll is 43 years old!”

12. “My friend assembled and installed this catio.”

13. “My husband made this workplace for me with his own hands! And I can’t say that his hands are really skillful.”

14. “My husband built a lean-to for the feral cat we feed so he can be protected from the rain.”

15. “My wife’s friend is obsessed with Oreos, so my wife made her a big Oreo cake.”

16. “While I was at work, all dug up in reports, my colleague gave me this key ring in the shape of a frog.”

17. “Today we made our cats a bedroom.”

18. “While staying in a hotel, I mentioned to the front desk that the room was fine but the doorway was too low, and I hit my head all the time.”

“So we laughed, but the next morning I found a cushion attached to that exact place.”

Has anyone shown kindness to you recently? Or do you often show kindness to your loved ones or strangers? Tell us in the comments below.

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