18 Pets Who Were Bored in the House, So They Took Things Up a Notch

3 years ago

If you have pets, you probably know how clever yet naive they can be. You may turn around for just 5 seconds and voila — you no longer have a sandwich to eat or that puzzle you’ve been working on for a week is gone. These little troublemakers will never get bored, even if they’re all alone.

We at Bright Side love pets so much that we decided to share these 18 pictures with our readers. These photos beg just one question: “Why, pets? Why?!”

1. “You won’t believe it, but the wall just exploded!”

2. “Only my cat waits for his doctor to come in like this...”

3. “I can fit everywhere, just take me with you!”

4. And in just one second, you don’t have coffee anymore.

5. “I don’t know what his hopes and dreams were, but he’s definitely given up on them.”

6. “Turned around for 5 seconds...”

7. “I busted the thief who’s been stealing my suet cakes.”

8. “He dragged it off the holder and carried it to his favorite spot.”

9. “Head bump-loving cats are the WORST when they have the cone of shame on!”

10. “I was lying on my bed when suddenly...”

11. “My cat is very serious about his boundaries...”

12. “Should I put water on it?”

13. “I’ve altered your signal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

14. “He’s slowly pushing it all off the table while pretending to sleep.”

15. “Just came home to this and I don’t even own chickens.”

16. “Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”

17. Cats will always be cats.

18. “I was excited the birds were eating the bread I’d been leaving for them...”

Has your pet ever created chaos? Have you ever caught your pet doing something both crazy and ridiculous? Please share your pictures with us down below!

Preview photo credit WavyGlass / Reddit


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3 years ago
Shhh! The comment is asleep.

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