18 Photos of Animals That Simply Can’t Stop Being Affectionate

3 years ago

As if the simple existence of animals wasn’t enough, they also tend to shower us with their affection. Whether among themselves or with their human friends, the way they show their feelings is something that, without a doubt, can totally improve our days.

At Bright Side, we were filled with love as we gathered 18 photos of animals just being themselves and not shying away from showing affection.

1. When you finally meet “the one.”

2. “Peak comforting Sam after he got shaved.”

3. “Found them sitting like this and nearly cried. Best buds!”

4. “My son has autism and one of his unique traits is his need for physical contact at all times. Barb came into our lives and elected herself to the position of weighted blanket & bodyguard.”

5. It seems that this colt knows how to show love to (or maybe, annoy) his mother...

6. “How my dogs share a blanket”

7. “My kitty’s way of demanding attention”

8. “He always climbs up for a hug after his naps. It’s the closest I can get to a shoulder cat.”

9. “I present to you... my dog waiting outside the coffee shop for me this morning.”

10. “My friend’s golden retriever has taken quite a shine to his feathered siblings 🐥.”

11. “My friend’s dogs were caught hugging before a visit to the vet.”

12. “Sometimes I wonder what they’re dreaming about...”

13. “My dog watches me get on the bus every day.”

14. A special moment between friends

15. “Waylon and Henry ’bro-ing’ so hard I kind of feel like I interrupted something.”

16. “My dog loves to stare at me. All. The. Time.”

17. “I interrupted their moment. :(”

18. “My cat has a girlfriend and she brings him little leaves.”

Do you have more than one pet at home? How do they behave when they are together? Do they show their affection or do they do the opposite?

Preview photo credit elFautes / Twitter


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I have cats and daddy cat cleans his little girl and she just lays there cuddling him loving it big time


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