18 Photos That Are Trickier Than an Optical Illusion

9 months ago

Many times, our eyes show us something completely different from reality. So we look twice, trying to put our brains to work and not be fooled. A great and entertaining workout can be to find out what happened in the images below.

1. “Explanation: The rock is just reflecting in some water that you can’t see because of fog.”

2. “Changed my daughter this morning — my wife walked in, saw the hamper, and nearly had a heart attack.”

3. “My kid looks like he’s missing everything past his knees.”

4. “A moon-sized turtle orbiting the Earth or a large turtle in a crystal-clear lake?”

Whether it’s a mere coincidence, it’s always entertaining to find these kinds of optical illusions.

5. “Did someone say 2D buildings?”

6. “Two-headed cat”

7. “I was greeted by an 8-legged deer this morning.”

8. “This crane looks like it’s wearing my sneakers.”

The reflection can often play with our imagination, just as it happened in this article.

9. “This picture of my cousins looks like two pictures pieced together.”

10. “This absolutely gigantic tortoise”

11. In this photo, the protagonist is the cat. But where is it?

Visual puzzles are frequently the result of the most unexpected coincidences.

12. A floating cat

13. Looks like her hand was cold!

14. “Reflection of a water tower”

15. “Napping comfortably”

16. “Thought a kid was in there”

17. “Where does one end and the other begin?”

18. “Just another selfie with a floating top”

Preview photo credit hooman_not_rubutt / Reddit


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