18 Pics That Prove to Enter a Restaurant Kitchen Is Like Visiting the Upside Down

year ago

Going to a restaurant may be the perfect plan for people wanting to escape from cooking at home. But it’s quite the opposite for those who work in those busy kitchens. With orders at a mile a minute and having to take care of every detail of the dishes, these chefs do everything they can to control the chaos. Still, sometimes it is inevitable, so they decide to make the best of it and laugh.

1. “Our local rat catcher had babies! Welcome to the pest control crew, little buddy.”

2. “Fresh strube 2.0”

3. “Had a buddy text me this today”

4. “I accidentally dropped my hat in the fryer”

5. “Happy Friday.”

6. “Dough’s ready chef”

7. “Spatulas... now with new ergonomic grip handles!”

8. “Grilled coffee — The latest craze?”

9. “Recent snowstorm hit, and our dishie decided to make a snowman. He’s our mascot now.”

10. “Is this considered clean and up to health standards?”

11. “Every single person is refusing to put away clean dishes... Let’s see how this goes.”

12. “You know the sushi hibachi restaurant is good when they prep on a washer machine!”

13. “You’re doin’ great, bud.”

14. “Asked the new guy to put the order of buns away in the walk-in.”

15. “What a great way to start the weekend.”

16. “Thought I would share my cooks’ little setup for the world cup.”

17. “Spilled milkshake the other morning.”

18. “Turns out the closer just left me a pizza in the oven.”

What is your least favorite thing about having to cook? What would your day be like if you had to work in a restaurant kitchen?


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