18 Restaurants That Went Out of Their Way to Nail Costumer Experience

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Eating out can be quite an experience. Some restaurants just offer food to satisfy the appetite of their clients, but others take it to a whole new level. Trendy decorations, new ways of presenting dishes, out-of-the-ordinary discounts; whatever it takes so that customers will consider them their favorite place. Join us and discover how much creativity can be put into play in a restaurant.

1. “This Target café hasn’t changed since the 90s”

2. “This coffee shop in Buffalo, NY, uses pasta as coffee stirrers.”

3. “My local Ford restaurant has tied down their Model T in preparation for hurricane Ian.”

4. “McNuggets box with sauce holder”

5. “The coffee shop I go to puts pictures in their lattes.”

6. “The Porsche Experience Los Angeles restaurant butter”

7. “The restaurant I’m eating at has Tetris-shaped tater-tots.”

8. “The Mac and cheese restaurant by me has topping grinders: flaming hot Cheetos, garlic croutons, and Cheez-Its.”

9. “The Vietnamese restaurant I’m at sourced Reddit for their photo.”

10. “I asked the local coffee shop to not put ketchup on my bagel, or I’d cry. They complied.”

11. “Apparently, this was a big enough problem that the restaurant decided that a sign was necessary.”

12. “The local coffee shop uses guitar pick stickers to cover their to-go lids.”

13. “The restaurant asked if we were celebrating anything special.”

14. “This coffee shop in Bedford, England has ‘wallpaper’ made from real, full-sized books.”

15. “Ceiling at my local coffee shop”

16. “A coffee shop near me sells only the top of a muffin.”

17. “Bathroom sign at my favorite ramen restaurant”

18. “This restaurant has a painting of their very first customers.”

What is the most important thing in a restaurant: the food, the service, a creative decor, or all three?

Preview photo credit joecooool418 / Reddit


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